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  1. Congratulations to everyone
  2. cant wait going to be a great event
  3. all who is ready for another great special event starting at 11 am server time and 12 pm est or 4 pm gmt looking for hc/squad participation. FREE PREMIUM ACCESS FOR THE EVENT .LETS GET SQUAD READY IN ADVANCE FOR THIS EVENT.
  4. all congrat to everyone great job
  5. Thank you bondpaul
  6. Congratulations everyone keep up the great work allied
  7. IRONFIST - click squad tab then JOIN tab of highest rank you see double right click that name ! we go from there.Then set your radio channel F3 for squad channelWhen spawning @ any FMS do NOT use smoke or shoot @ your sides soldiers All
  8. Psych0 , Great video
  9. tatonka great videos I used to play back in 08 I was under imthelaw I came back a few months ago