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  1. All great job gent keep it up.
  2. One Star Good Service Ribbon For consistently carrying out requests during a session to a good level with a positive attitude that sets an example to others - a good team player. **** Bez**** ****Warhammer**** Thank you for all your hard work driving fms from a next town over. AAR of the Week ****N8**** Thank you for your hard work on AAR they do help us out a lot *********************************************************************************************************
  3. All, I just want to take a moment to say thank you Augetout for your hard work when he was CINC. Also I want to say thank you Allied for giving this opportunity to be your CINC this time around. Congratulation to COLT for moving into Deputy Chief of Staff of the Allied Forces, Deputy Chief of Staff. @goreblimey@gipper@colsmith AAR of the Week *** GOREBLIMEY*** ***GIPPER*** ***COLSMITH*** Allied officer of the week ***GIPPER*** Commander In Chief Unit Citation Highest honor to an Allied Squad, Presented by the CinC only *** SQUADE AEF**
  4. all , @dontmove@drake1@mattrulz@mundagurri@rebel357@downtown@dustyhc@colt@mystert a very good team player/leader **** MATTRULZ**** ****MUNDAGURRI**** CLOSE GROUND SUPPORT ****DRAKE1**** ****REBEL357**** ****DOWNTOWN**** ****DUSTYHC**** **** COLT**** ****MYSTERYT**** **** DONTMOVE****
  5. I really stink in air combat when I have to lose ea on my tail and the aiming part
  6. Thank you yea zippy always kills me he is goes back and forth to allied. I run into rebel which is good but sometimes I get involved with ground support when he is on
  7. I would just set a HC fms hehe
  8. all Im looking for basic 101 air training like dive bomb combat moves and etc. I know how to take off no problem but sometime I have rough landing. I normally night time around 6 pm est
  9. Can’t wait
  10. Congratulations to everyone
  11. cant wait going to be a great event
  12. all who is ready for another great special event starting at 11 am server time and 12 pm est or 4 pm gmt looking for hc/squad participation. FREE PREMIUM ACCESS FOR THE EVENT .LETS GET SQUAD READY IN ADVANCE FOR THIS EVENT.
  13. all congrat to everyone great job
  14. Thank you bondpaul