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  1. Not one to type for hours. I found about the game before it was released, there was some talk about it a Magazine as online gaming started to be the next new thing, we formed a Aussie squad, Anzac way before the game was released, practiced with the old delta force game as a squad and waited to release, I took the week off work as annual leave when the game arrived. I live Adelaide, Australia. Another local called 'Burbank' somehow knew 'Killer' (original RAT) from some earlier online game (warbirds played in wireframe limited graphics) from between Aus and USA via some university. Anyway 'Killer' sent 'Burbank an ALPFA version of the game (yep before even BETA), I invite this guy over, no idea who he is, load the alpha version, walk around as german in this massive blank green canvas with the odd tree here or there...What was fascinating was his discussions with KILLER that he had about aircraft carries being manned by players, using a pager to get a call to get in game at critical times, the vision was there 20yrs ago by the sound of it. Finished the session and deleted the game, as he promised Killer he would show anyone, 17 yrs later, you all know now. salute - Gripfast
  2. Found a silly fix to my stupid issue of losing half my FPS when ever I sprint. While sprinting if I hit the mouse look key (in my case 'N') the FPS go back up again, hit the key again so I get out of mouse look and FPS still fine. But I have to do this every time I stop and sprint. made a mission by myself at Dover to confirm same FPS issue is not related to enemy, blown building, friendlies etc.
  3. Like I said earlier, Ive been here for 10yrs....I read it all My FPS drops when I sprint...either in a field with no one around, from UMS or inside a building...stop sprinting adn FPS doubles
  4. day one subscriber here, seen it all, read all... Haven't logged in for 2 months, downloaded and played new patch Suxxors walking around 30-40FPS (4 months ago 80-120FPS), soon as i sprint FPS drops to 15 every time, stop sprinting and FPS goes up, sprint goes down to 15 ??? Anyway, after 30min of play that was enough doing my head in, logged out I7 920 chip 6 gig dual channel GTX 275 vidcard Asus p6t MB SB titanium sound huge PSU
  5. my brand new i7-920 sys is running win7, 64bit Runs good when it runs, but way to many hang ups at the mission screen when despawning, (no mission bug) The only thing ive done with computer is install WWIIOL, haven't even worried about email Been playing since day 1, followed it before release...Been through about 10 upgrades, so know all the the moment its the most unreliable the game has been for me
  6. hi all, been a day one player, only unsubbed in the last 3months in all that time. See 1.31 screenies and going to upgrade NOW After numerous upgrades in those early years and playing 4hrs everyday, I become older, wife and kids, the mortgage, family, work and the list goes on. Anyway, I'm not the tech head I use to be and have a couple questions What would be good CPU fan for the i7-920 cpu? I did have a SLI rig when they first came out, but how does crossfire work these days, does the game have to support it, for it to use both cards? Was thinking of either 2 x Ati 4850 or do i just go a Nivdia GTX 260 (cant see the 275 is worth the extra)? thanks in advance
  7. Hi all, Been here for 7yrs so I got half an idea whts going on. Went on a para mission today, some 70 ppl on the plane, i had to move the HUD dispaly with all the names down a little so I could see wht seat i was on. once i jumped from the plane the HUD had disapeared and I cant get it back again (Y turns everything on/off) when i push the tilde key, you get a quick flicker of wht the HUD looked like before, as it goes from top to bottom of the screen. have rebooted, waited a few hours between, and its still not available ? Any idea guys (funny thing, I heard a new player on trial complain abt the same thing the other week on the help channel)
  8. hi Ocker, no idea......what abt trying an old PS/2 mouse instead of USB ??
  9. This time the builds from from Aus Already have Leadtek PX 8800GT (512meg version) Motherboard: Gigabyte P35-DS3L $AUD 125 CPU : E2160 CPu $87 AUD - going for overclock speed to match 6750 Cooler : ZALMAN CNPS9700 LED $67 AUD RAM :4 x 1 gig 800 DDR Kingston ram $128 AUD (what are the timings ?, is there any issue filling up all the ram slots) or RAM : GEIL PC6400 DDR2 800Mhz, CAS 4-4-4-12 $117 AUD Sound card :Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro $199 AUD PSU: seasonic S12=550W $165 AUD CASE: Antec Nine hundred $168 AUD to round it off 2 x WD320gig drive in RAID $190 AUD (95 ea) Pioneeer Sata 212D DL drive $35AUD total AUD $ 1100 (not incl already owned vid card , add $425 AUD) May give Vista ago, so the 4 gig ram, would be good for other purposes besides wwiiol
  10. so are you saying one hard drive different partitions? (which I do anyways) or having 2 physical drives, op sys on one, game on the other
  11. And this is the very reason, CRS have not supported Vista, you have ppl who have done all the right things with drivers etc and the game still wont run, you have another bunch who do things like run as an administrators, or select this option and that, others who do nothing and it works.. so many variables, CRS would have to devote 1 to 2 ppl on it, programing and tech support and as much as they openly say would love to be able to do that they cant with there current structure, hence when Vista is sorted and supported, service pak, most of the underlining issues should be sorted and the time CRS need to devote will be smaller and not be a burden on the rest of the company PS all above is IMO What were all your system specs anyway ?
  12. Building a new rig soon, and thinking of going for a 150gig raptor 10,000rpm drive, price is cheap enough for me to consider...Not planning to bloat the system with downloads as I will have the current rig set up next to me for extra disk space and 2nd account (abt 400gig) .. The other option is to install a 2nd hard drive for extra space, question as long as the op sys and wwiiol are on the same fast drive, will the other slower drive have no adverse affects in performance? as side note, I have already bought the 8800GT and put in current rig until i get the rest of the parts (replaced 2 x 7600GT) haven't seen a great increase in wwiiol FPS, ping has dropped constant 30ms (now abt 230ms), so I guess its bottle necked with CPU AMD3.4g..
  13. interesting thread....pretty much all reviews ive read with power supply's being mounted down the bottom, require an extension cable . As far as the wireless connection goes, Ethernet cable into the router is best for gaming...Surfing and email, the odd download are fine with wireless IMO