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  1. Ahh ok I had 8.8 before now with 8.7 all systems are go. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hmm it still failed. Anyway, it just crashed on offline practice when I tried to spawn as a pz4g, so its probably the graphics driver. I'll see what happens when I rollback.
  3. I've gotten a few CTHL's and crashes tonight. It could be on their end.
  4. This started after I updated to the newest driver for my graphics card (but I've also been having CTHL issues today so I'm not 100% sure thats what could be causing it). The game will just quit very suddenly, no chugging or freezeup or anything, it just disappears instantly. I tried to attach the DxDiag as a .txt file but its not working and won't tell me why, so if anyone wants it I could try emailing it.
  5. I don't exactly have enough money to upgrade my computer with top-of-the-line stuff... Is there anything I can do that doesn't involve gargantuan sums of money? Of course, why shouldn't I still be getting a tolerable framerate like I did before?
  6. I already posted this in the support forum, and since everyone RUSHED LIKE MAD to reply, I figured I should post it here so at least somebody reads it. Since 1.21 I have made no system changes at all, and now if I am away from towns, i get about 10fps, and in towns I am watching a World War II slideshow. Its complete baloney, I have a cable internet connection, a pentium 4 2.00GHz processor, and a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700LE (512mb) graphics card, and a gigabyte of RAM. Before 1.21 the game ran at a steady 20-30 framerate. What was changed that makes it SO much choppier and slower now? Its especially bad when I look at trees, which has always been the case, but now the game almost completely freezes up. I already tried turning down the graphics settings for performance, and it did absolutely nothing. Anyone else getting this problem?
  7. Before this patch, I'd get 20-30 fps almost steadily (unless looking at lots of trees, which brings it down to 10ish), which is tolerable, but nothing to brag about. Now, I'm lucky if I get 10 anywhere except when in a plane at high altitudes where there's nothing to look at. I have 512mb video card (latest driver), 1GB of RAM, and a pentium 4 2GHz processor. I made no changes to settings with the new patch, and now I've turned the graphics settings down for better performance (following advice of the sticky above), and its done almost nothing. Is anyone else getting this problem, and is there something else I could try to bring my FPS back up?
  8. Do I have to do something to make them work, because none of the force feedback effects work for me for this game by default. I checked the logitech profiler "device" menu where in the help file it said there would be a button that says "enable force feedback" and there is no such button for any of my game profiles. Is there something else I have to do, or does this game not have the correct software to have force feedback from this particular stick?
  9. Some sort of hideously ugly French tankette.
  10. I've gotta say willy, thats undoubtedly the best one yet.
  11. I was the LMG for French rifle section 2, so, naturally, I got my first CTHL in 3 weeks. Funny how that sort of thing works.
  12. The title pretty much says it all, I already uninstalled the old WWIIOL i had downloaded and reinstalled the full version, and yet every time I spawn in it works for a couple of minutes (with big lag stutters but otherwise good fps) then it usually locks up and does nothing. The locking up seems to be connection related since before it totally freezes stuff is still moving around (but its extrapolated like what happens sometimes with big stutters). Everything else on my computer is working just fine.
  13. I've got no time left for now, I'll get to it tomorrow. Thanks for helping.