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  1. You guys can just drive the car up to about 800m from town... park behind a tree in some field... and walk in.
  2. At one point, I was standing next to the waitress and Haiku walks up and says to her, "When you get a minute, I am gonna need 7 shots of Jaeger over here." I knew at that point that nothing good could come of the night.
  3. I have a few that I will put on, but the red ceiling really jacked with the color... :/ (see the 'i go' thread for the money shot)
  4. An old first draft. I started a movie about a year and a half ago... had about 400gb of FRAP'd video... started working on a movie. Then the pregnant wife went into the hospital and I had to take care of our 18 month old... and then the baby came along... and we have two little ones under 3. I barely had time to play anymore, let alone work on a movie. Then my HD died and I lost the .avi files. So, I just stumbled across the first draft of the first part of the movie the other day and thought I would share... Was gonna be about 4 minutes longer, but I just didn't have the time. Dunno if I can embed, but if someone wants to, go for it... but you can stream it from that link. http://www.filefront.com/17136436/FirstDraft.wmv
  5. I just got about 15" cut off of my hair... which as it turns out was about 4" too much... so I will be the guy showing up with a haircut like Chachi.
  6. Looking forward to seeing you folks on Friday. I live about an hour away (with no traffic), so I will be taking a 1/2 day of vacation on Friday to make sure that I have plenty of time to get there.
  7. Maybe we can schedule a game of 'garage' where we all lock ourselves in the garage of a local WWIIOL'er... start the lawnmower... and the last one to pass out wins!
  8. I am soooo there!* *pending approval of the domestic planning committee - which consists of exactly one female member.
  9. 333rd is recruiting, but there are usually only a few of us on... and we just sit around the FB drinkin' beer anyway.
  10. Could be heat on the video card. First thing I would do (and I know this sounds silly), is pop open the case and re-seat you video card and RAM.
  11. This is kind of a follow-up to my train of thought on the other thread, but really another subject. Would it be possible to add a feature on the CS&R page where a player can download their stats to a .txt file? I copied and pasted my sorties from one page there and opened it in Excel as a tab delimited file, and it works like a champ. Thanks!