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  1. I am not sure if this is out there and I just don't know about it, but... Is there any way to get data on all squad members? We give squad awards at the end of each campaign and it would be much easier to get the data if we didn't have to pull up each member's stats individually via the CS&R. Just hypothesizing here, but I would think that the squad tag is a value in some field in some database. Is there a way to simply pull that data with a query and extrapolate what is needed using a filter? If it is a manual process, I can do the query, I just need to know if the resource is available to the player base, and if so, how to locate it. Just curious. Thanks!
  2. You guys can just drive the car up to about 800m from town... park behind a tree in some field... and walk in.
  3. At one point, I was standing next to the waitress and Haiku walks up and says to her, "When you get a minute, I am gonna need 7 shots of Jaeger over here." I knew at that point that nothing good could come of the night.
  4. I have a few that I will put on, but the red ceiling really jacked with the color... :/ (see the 'i go' thread for the money shot)
  5. An old first draft. I started a movie about a year and a half ago... had about 400gb of FRAP'd video... started working on a movie. Then the pregnant wife went into the hospital and I had to take care of our 18 month old... and then the baby came along... and we have two little ones under 3. I barely had time to play anymore, let alone work on a movie. Then my HD died and I lost the .avi files. So, I just stumbled across the first draft of the first part of the movie the other day and thought I would share... Was gonna be about 4 minutes longer, but I just didn't have the time. Dunno if I can embed, but if someone wants to, go for it... but you can stream it from that link. http://www.filefront.com/17136436/FirstDraft.wmv
  6. I just got about 15" cut off of my hair... which as it turns out was about 4" too much... so I will be the guy showing up with a haircut like Chachi.
  7. Looking forward to seeing you folks on Friday. I live about an hour away (with no traffic), so I will be taking a 1/2 day of vacation on Friday to make sure that I have plenty of time to get there.
  8. Maybe we can schedule a game of 'garage' where we all lock ourselves in the garage of a local WWIIOL'er... start the lawnmower... and the last one to pass out wins!
  9. I am soooo there!* *pending approval of the domestic planning committee - which consists of exactly one female member.
  10. 333rd is recruiting, but there are usually only a few of us on... and we just sit around the FB drinkin' beer anyway.
  11. Could be heat on the video card. First thing I would do (and I know this sounds silly), is pop open the case and re-seat you video card and RAM.
  12. This is kind of a follow-up to my train of thought on the other thread, but really another subject. Would it be possible to add a feature on the CS&R page where a player can download their stats to a .txt file? I copied and pasted my sorties from one page there and opened it in Excel as a tab delimited file, and it works like a champ. Thanks!
  13. I found the Wiretap info page. Looks like the squad data was available in one form or another, but was taken out due to "controversy". ***sigh***
  14. So I was flying along the other night and my NVidia 8550 decided to die. I have to get another card. Anyone use the NVidia 9600s? Are they any good?
  15. I remember that one. I worked forever to get to that back CP and cap it. Y'see that one lone red tag at the back of the Axis side? That was me.
  16. Okay... so I reloaded my machine at home, so all of my cached passwords are gone. Whenever I try to access the forums, it asks me to login. I try to log in and it keeps telling me that I have a bad password. I reset the password, but it just resets the password for the game... not the website. I am at work now, so it is cached here, but it is starting to get under my skin that I can't even reset my password from here. How in the hell do I reset my forum (account) password?
  17. Reposted here by request.
  18. Thanks!
  19. Thanks! I seem to remember a way to submit videos to Latham or someone... but I forgot.
  20. Same here... I'll play a couple of minutes and then the game will just close. No error message. No beep. No Nothin'. I'll keep monitoring the forums to see if the Rats get a fix for this... until then, I am out. My blood pressure can't take it.