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  1. I know I may be laughed at...but I had an idea. Recreate a "Napoleonic" fight around Waterloo. Rifle only, set up two command positions (MSP?), have some larger AT Guns as cannons. Rifles line up in formation, and both sides attack as gentlemen. Might be good for a giggle event, but would need a lot of people and coordination. So likely not going to happen...but I just wanted to throw it out there.
  2.!/RealTimeWWII Full story: Thought you would all enjoy this.
  3. MM, my system IS upgraded. I still have these issues, at random times, in places there shouldn't be lag. IE: I will lose to 12 FPS in Gent, but ill keep 40 FPS in Antwerp, with no players around. If I relog, these issues go away. Then they will come back again at random. Memory leak somewhere Also, check your PMs, MM.
  4. Interesting. I wonder what made the German soldiers surrender? The way its described almost comes across as "i want out of this war before i get killed"
  5. Grandfather was a sappe---I mean, Army Corps Engineer. Tasked with everything from blowing abandoned tanks/bunkers/fortifications to pieces, and rebuilding bridges... I have some of this souvenirs, though due to board rules I can't share them (H-Youth armbands). I do have photos, lots of photos. WW2 Era money. Forms/news paper/etc. Post cards. Order papers. Enlistment papers. Some scanned in which I will share. I have his good conduct medal, just the medal no clothe... He DID have a Mauser Rifle, a Luger, his rifle, an SS dagger with all the entrapping to go along with it, and more...but that's all lost to his son & his miscare of the items... ~sad face~ Two stories from him I always remember... #1: Blowing up a bunker that had been used by Germans but abandoned. The allied commanders were very paranoid of losing their initiative and ANYTHING the Germans left behind that could not be re-purposed, was blown. In this particular case, inspection and regulation called for A LOT of explosives... TWO cargo trucks of explosives were called in... I don't know what type but I want to assume captured Opels for the following reason. They drove the trucks in, decided it was pointless to unload them, and blew bunker, trucks, and all in one big boom... and the German bunker? Still stood, though hopelessly damaged. #2: I don't know the town, he says it so often though. German town along one of their major river ways. His group had been called in to rebuild the bridge there. Apparently the bridge was rigged to blow, the Germans were pulling back along with civilians. They kept the bridge up as long as they could until the allies were just down the road a few miles. He said that he was told, they regular German army refused to blow the bridge, so SS themselves apparently blew it up while their civilians were crossing it... The river was full of dead bodies, bloating. I could go into details, extreme details, but I wont for the sake of the board... his unit had to build the bridge, without removing the bodies properly, they did what they could but the priority was allied military movement and not proper burials. Pictures ^BOOM goes the Panther ^BOOM goes the StuG III. G ^Training ground pose. Sadly my grandfather has had a history of prescription drugs...that really mess with his mood. He can go from sleepy to cuss you out to depressed in a matter of hours. Fought with the horrors he saw and experienced... ALSO, on training: Mustard gas training, his mask leaked. He huffed MGas...oops.
  6. Just need to find a city it would work in & see if RATs can lock down invidiual CPs...
  7. Simple idea that would mean just turning off a few units. Which I know is possible. Stalingrad. Infantry only. No sappers however, nor Paratroopers. Light vehicles only (trucks, half tracks, scout cars). Would be fought over a major waterway big city - if possible locking some CP's so the city is eternally contested and split in half? Dunno. FMBs permitted. EDIT: also, russian flags for the allies!
  8. I found a very interesting link while looking around on Google... talking about China, post-WW2, for the USMC while evacuating / withdrawing slowly with Japanese Troops. A very interesting read! A tale I never knew about, too! It was done under survival, obviously, but
  9. LOL I was there three times. Once off in the distance (no name tag, but i know the battle was mine) Once in a strafe on the AB Once, me de-spawning after pilot was dead XD lol nice videos man
  10. <3 Good job again RAF, perfectly executed defense, albeit imperfect in outcome, execution was splendid. Pleasure commanding
  11. IT WAS EPIC WIN Needed more Allied Win
  12. <3 Thank You all for the coordination and help... LW put a good fight up