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  1. I would get 2 gigs of that ram. The ram DDR2 is REALLY good. That’s what I am using, gets me great performance
  2. If disabling your firewall works just do it each time you load the game up. You should be fine. Then enable it when ever you are not playing the game.
  3. Means you have a firewall that is blocking wwiionline servers from launching. Turn down your firewall setting
  4. Reinstall the game. Try that.
  5. Well 1 thing is Grace status is because you are new to the game, not sure why it wont let you change your game name. It might take a day or so for rats to get the list of who wants to get their names changed an then change it. Email see what he says. Also if you have grace status you cannot apply for HC allied or axis.
  6. To me it sounds like you are getting really high packet loss witch sometimes is caused by a fire wall. What firewall do you have?
  7. Make sure your account subscription is ACTIVE.
  8. Email
  9. Think you have to wait like a month or so befor your account status change to ACTIVE.
  10. it should be somewhere around where it sais unsubscrbe change my plan etc. In subsciption section.
  11. Do the free trail its 2 feeks free play. And I am not sure about the subscription
  12. I am not 100% sure but I think you have 939 socket, not AM2. If you want Athon x2 4200 would be your best bet from what I found And Video card sounds good. And you need atleast 2 gigs of ram.
  13. You have to have an ACTIVE account. You dont get access to the forums intell you become a member of the game, when ever you subscribe to the game, you get access to the forums. Right now you are on a trail, its like Beta for you, you are seen if game is fun are not for you. If you like it subscribe, and you will get access to the forums, and play the game as long as you like intell you unsub.
  14. 1. You have to buy the registration key. 2. The forums become available to you when ever you subscribe.
  15. Not really sure. They might in the next couple of years or mabe sooner who knows