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  1. Related to map changes. Some of the buildings dont match there location on the map. I was spawned inside one of the hangers in Maub and on the map it showed me outside of the hanger when I was clearly inside of it. Same issue exist at the the Givet AB Bunker.
  2. I can comfim that messages dont showup in HCCP. I tired the taking oic of a bde an no dice. I also noticed something if I die as inf an go to despawn an im not seeing myself as hc but as a regular grunt. Edit: Only messages showing up in HCCP are messages of He/She ordered attack here or alrdy completed moves which is better then what was goin on the other day.
  3. Im branch commander FAF 2 lvls above Boycey and I cant Veto anything. I also got the same bug as Mons. Closing the hccp breaks mouse scroll for the map and chat bar