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  1. Hi, Monday night (Asia time) the game crashed, after that I tried several times connecting, always send me to the main wwiionline page, and after a few, then tried again, and the game started to download like looks a new patch (?) Well, this patch never reach to be downloaded, always stopped and is cancelled y tried many, many times. My computer is a iMac. PLease, can you help? Thanks in advance
  2. Since 2 days ago I have a big lag and a big drop of fps, usually my fps was about 80-90. Now I have around 5-6fps
  3. Kyotee, Here is, almost the same than you: iMac Info: iMac (27-inch, Late 2013) MAC OS: 10.11.4 (El Capitan) Processor: 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 16 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M 2 GB __________________
  4. Thanks rwkeen, but there aren't graphic drivers updating for mac. Updates come together in the same pack software. Cornered Rat may fix it.
  5. Just installed OS X El Capitan after ask through chat game if this version works fine here. People answer that is ok. But after have installed the game crash always occur when try to entry in any mission. Please can I receive some support and help? Thanks in advance
  6. Yeah, looks host down. But doesn't any notice on the website.
  7. Well, now is ok, the game loads fine, but me didn't nothing...
  8. Yeah, I did yesterday. Still the same problem.
  9. I'm feel abandoned, Im try to load game and always appear the playnet web page with this message: "login error report" ???invpass???. But my account is OK, the username and password is ok, and is ACTIVE. Nobody from Playnet wrote me, none help come, none notice about this thread...
  10. I wrote they but no have any answer. Erase the software and download again, still not working. We pay for play. This is not the way.
  11. Hi, Suddenly I can't entry to battleground. The screen to launch close and show me the account page with this message "login error report" ???invpass???. But my account still active and my username and password is OK. What`s the problem? Cheers
  12. Me too. Having the same problem since more than a week.
  13. The last thread is closed, and start a new again... Xoom, the problem is not fixed! Still the same problem since a week. Can´t entry in the game. Please, fix it. We pay for play... Thanks in advance. Titu250
  14. I agree with montyuno. I was support this game a lot of months when a last patch no work with my old mac, but in this time I assumed that I can't play because I had a old hardware. Now is different and we're feel abandoned by rats. cheers p.d (sorry for my bad English)