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  1. hey

    can somebody direct me to a RAT or somebody on forums... took forever to get password lasttime, only way iam in here now is saved password... help.
  2. hey

    any mod peeps or whatever... i lost my message with my password to these forums... can i get my password again, and then, were do i go to change it so i can logon to forums without a long goofy password..
  3. well may have found issue... i have been noticing terrible fps with ww2online and nascar 2003.. nascar was what really set me off since i know ww2online is hog... so.. asked on my board other there and people told me it might be overheating etc.. sure enough i turn the cpu on and take a long.. my cpu fan wasnt turning!!!! turned off computer.. and i think the power cable for it was loose.. plugged in and reboot and my nascar game is back at 120fps.. where these last few weeks i was getting 40s.. hopefully i havent torched anything.. will try ww2online tonight after race.
  4. older system, i know i should update but waiting till december... but its a p4 with a AGP Geforce 6800
  5. is there a way to check that while in windows? or bios?
  6. last few weeks i have noticed my FPS going down in the games i play online... i check for virus, spyware and found none, i run end it now before i play these games on line... i have lost alot of fps, nascar and ww2online is bad now too... so, what can i check? iam thinking maybe my video card\or mb cpu going bad. as lately in past few weeks i would turn on pc and let it sit.. i would come back and pc seemed locked... cntrl del no reboot etc.. i would have to do a cold boot and pc would start back up but i wouldnt get any video, i would have to remove the card out of agp slot and put it back it, then it would work... any diagnostics i can run to see whats farking up?
  7. like a mofo.. i havent played much lately.. but a few months ago i could get 20-30fps no problem.. now iam lucky to get over 10.. i tried setting the settings in game to performance, but no luck... i have a P4 3.20 agp 6800 - 1gb of 2700 ram.. nothing special, but fps are horrible now.. not sure what to do... what do you need ?? certian file i need to put up on here for you?
  8. hmmmmmmmm... so ya, Kursk seems to have about 100 different stories about it what to believe?
  9. besides the UK trying to do peace after france.. the big statement is the UK was nearly done.. the RAF was running out of pilots, i have read numerous accounts where they said if germany kept doing the attrition battle for a few more weeks, RAF would have ceased to exist.. hitler got feedup and frustrated and switched to bombing cities.. he lost the war right then.
  10. i love the stug... i have found myself this map flanking my targets more... since frontal engagements oddly enough i lose too alot againts sherms and m10s... must have something to do with modelling of armor and mantlets...
  11. how does a evga 6800XT stand up? their webpage doesnt show info.. but i see one on ebay for cheap...?
  12. i know, saving up for a nice one, but wanna choose the best one, he lives about a hour away so want to get one that will work decent for about 2 weeks.