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  1. I've never seen an invisible ei.. lol
  2. but it is probably within the CRS reality concept..
  3. I meant to say that it's turning into jokes...
  4. And maybe it would be better to create a server only for Premium players. kareca
  5. This is all going ridiculous. Unfortunately we know why. kareca
  6. How many do you need?
  7. Agree, as a start. Selective bombs they only kill enemies! Where is the reality?
  8. I totally agree! kareca
  9. I'm tired of saying this and I can not say anything else that displeases the CRS that I'm suspended from the forum. But it's ridiculous kareca but "Tanks do not cap!" by CRS
  10. RPAT is directed to tanks different situation... The changes seem realistic, but bad for those who like the weapon. I think it will be another weapon left over in the spawn list (like 88mm). (I do not like LMG)
  11. I played with a friend account yesterday. 17+ dead allied tanks with stug in 3 missions but I still do not think about going back.. Tier 0 and 1 unplayable for axis tankers...
  12. I think they should end free accounts indefinitely... free account only for 7 days!
  13. the question: how many players want or can afford $ 17.99 and How many want or can they afford $ 5?
  14. It's simple: crs have to see that this is a game, and not a classroom to tell story!! and a game has to have balance!
  15. We are with you !