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  1. Can we have the operation last for 6 hrs or so. Missed the last one as I logged in early that day to see it was finishing up!
  2. Best of luck mate..I have friends who have gone through it and are still missing their drinks round at the pub years later ); Give your friends and loved ones a hug!
  3. Bummer..oh well it would have needed more groundwork but longterm benefits.
  4. Totally agree....anyone thinking this is fair game needs to have a long hard look at themselves.
  5. I like this...leads itself to combined arms at its best. Would it be the easiest way to implement by spawning at the fb locations?
  6. Unfortunately that is still easily rortable..if the enemy KNOWS which way you are going to have to turn, and thus present a flank shot. Hard to get rid of the practice unless the no go zones are in each possible fb area on the map. If it can be abused it will be abused... GMs have enough on their hands as it me I know
  7. I tend to agree with arty on fixed spawn locations. We have mortars now and the fact that they are still used mostly for smoke is telling. Softening up a target before sending in the troops was SOP for both sides. Hopefully in the future the devs can come up with a plan that allows both sides to use artillery, even if its just the ao oic asking AI to just shell a certain coordinate with some randomness. Thoughts?
  8. I am all for historical additions to the game as long as there is no side bias..allies get rgs that need to be shot from a distance (not hard at all..there was no need to be next to the hull). Axis don't have a comparable unit so what do they get? Reduced number of heat sapper charges at reduced effectiveness? The historical argument can be broken when the allied artillery is just ignored. It was a major part of most allied attacks, and ignoring that fact just makes the historical argument null and void. Of course its not the devs fault..true arty is not implentable without server tracked objects. @XOOMany news on STO's?
  9. It IS being based on html5? If so it would easily be able to be changed to include everything we would like for mission/squad/town attack defence based play, but also have offline camo overlays, drawing of nose art, tank art squad logos etc. I look forward to it, after integrated voice comms
  10. surely this would just require a server down fix and restart?
  11. + look at the terrain around you. Find the reverse slopes and use them for approach, Find hull-down positions. TALK to your mates around you, promote teamwork in the local area. Work with others to get crossfire zones up. In tank warfare, zone of control is everything...the reason for being there!
  12. Could we add cap and hold, defend, and arrows of attack/defence as well? Asking greentags to flank an ai is like asking them to the change the oil on a boeing 787...
  13. I would pay for my squad logo on my truck (say bedford&laffly). I would pay $10 for sure if i could get rid of the target on top of my laffly ;). Camoflage for armor if it actually helped obscure my tanks outline such as bushes etc. I would definatly pay for that if i could bring my bush with my 2lbr.. I'm guessing the rats could implement the systems per armor class? The same camo for all your tanks, trucks, atgs would look a little weird. How could the implement it tho...bushes etc could be ppo based. Camos would need to be skins per chassis type? The artists would have to export all the skins to a library, and you could pick the camo or pattern you would prefer. Would need a ui but the new update is going to modern html5 base isn't it? Should be easily expandable. Why not a billboard on the side of your trucks advertising your squad, wife's bithday, favourite pet..whatever! We see trucks all the time!
  14. I applaud the idea behind this post BUT..why do we feel a need to smooth ruffled feathers over a game wide change (all lmgs are going to have the same fix applied)? Are we petulant children throwing our toys out of the cot, or grown adults wanting the game to grow and stick around for years to come? I played an axis campaign in 158, and frankly was shocked at the numbers the axis had to throw at the allies. The axis lmg IS way better in game when allowed to be a close quarters "kill em all" weapon. Combined with its rof, lag, our dated inf code, and the "spin to win" axis lmg SOP, there is little to no chance of anyone surviving when they come. The fact that some players will not acknowledge this is just showing that they care more about their stats than the game itself. GAME FIRST!