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  1. Headshot ftw!
  2. Very is human nature. This is the exact reason why EVERY other competitive multiplayer game on earth has a strict side balancing mechanism. This is the core of making the game give great battles. We ALL want great battles, win or lose. The current system we have clearly don't work at the extremes of game population, and it is killing the game and prospective subscriptions.
  3. Great summary @ZEBBEEE! Unfortunately atm I can see no easy fixes.
  4. The two aos will only help if the underpop side changes its mentality and has leadership...the years of underpop have taken their toll. Great leaders like goreblimey or mundagurri are ignored and are left to try to gather what is left to "slow them down" until the next wave of players log in.
  5. I propose a CRS rep actually login tz3 for a week and experience the reality of it. Looking at the numbers is easy but experiencing the utter hopelessness of the gameplay first hand would go a long way towards understanding how population imbalances kills the game. We all want the game to succeed. Help us help you..
  6. Totally agree Asimov..1.36 (when CRS fix all the bugs which is WHY we are playing the Beta) opens up gameplay a lot.
  7. I too agree that the price difference is not enough between all ground forces and the full premium package. US$2 is simply not enough of a saving, especially for your considerable amount of non US based players. Combined with exchange rates the overall cost is still too high unless you play everyday and this get maximum out of your subscription. I work for a living + am on call. I feel that this is a major reason behind the overall reduction in subscription services - the value for our hard earned is just not there. Retired guys for example don't have these issues and can get the maximum benefit.
  8. Anyone think it might be because one side is so severely overpop that the algorithms just cannot cope? It is very true that most cps are taken unguarded, as defenders on a underpop side have to split between cp guarding and finding/killing the ems.
  9. This is some weird [censored]..haha gotta love betas!
  10. Bludngut has been the only subbed player that hits fbs in tz3 for at least the past week. I setup fms for them then plead and cajole for an engie. Sapping a fb with a rifle is boring, time consuming and easily seen by the enemy and countered.
  11. Its as if they don't play their own game...
  12. Further thought on tz3...nearly all the players are f2p so no access to engies or armor.
  13. I have often been sapping an enemy fb, getting it down, then seeing it pop up again due to this bug after we lib the town. Very frustrating but I'm sure CRS are just as annoyed and will find the bug.
  14. Please @delems I have fought with and against you. I fear this is delusional thinking at best, and in the long run will hurt CRS more.