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  1. S! ...here's my little video: http://www.landser-nackt.de/BGE_Airborne_Assault.wmv (ca. 46.5 MB, 5' running time) I was too lazy to include some credits, so: GameCam Lite for Video-Capping Magix Video 2003/2004 Deluxe for pre-processing "MRG - Loving you" runs until "Airborne Assault"-Title "Jam & Spoon's Hands on Yello - Another Excess" runs the rest of the movie Please forgive me my baaaad english (here, and in the movie) Have fun...
  2. edit: oops, i should better post the movie in my own thread...
  3. S! Just a small movie from the spawn to the "disintegration" of an enemy FB... http://www.landser-nackt.de/Blow_That_FB.wmv (~26 MB, 3'12") nothing special...