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  1. I post what it use to be and what it still say it is in game. In a clear sky in reality an aircraft can be spotted at 6 km plus. But the game doesn't allow that and with the past haze changes it made it worse, thus why we use contact icons, other game dont do it but the renderer actually let's you see at distance. Players bring up things that have changed and sniper and you feel then need to attack them for pointing it out, I made my choice a couple weeks ago do to these dealings, as I said just keep shrinking the player base.
  2. As you continue to prove the 6km vision distance is not possible take note below. from the icons Manual in game. 6000+= Full Circle 3400m = 3/4 Circle 1500m = 1/2 circle 1499m = Color change (red = enemy, Blue= friendly) 499m = friendly Squad name visible 400m = 1/4 Circle Let me know when this becomes true again.
  3. im refering to the way it use to be when vis/render range was good, distance was 6km, render was possible and look at those tracers coming up. I think we made these videos about 2005 before haze for most of the clips.
  4. I wonder if different video cards dont see the spec. Becuase I hear alot saying it's nowhere near 6km myself included no matter what Sniper62 says he sees I've tried 3 separate cards and cannot see the past 3-4 km. Nvidia gtx 680, nvidia rtx 2070 and ati HD 6950. Sadly the best vis view setting is by decreasing settings down to balanced which is beyond odd seems to reduce the haze a bit. if I'm at 6 km and fly over an ao I cannot see the circle of ea till about 4km and the not on the ground
  5. Sorry the LW have jobs
  6. if you sub then unsubscribe to not do the auto renew it doesnt show on the main page.
  7. when do the new subs packages start were waiting
  8. 1v1 2v2 its called the training server... live server is the real thing. most good pilots spend/spent a lot of time practicing there, during low pop or intermission etc so when servers live they know what to do. none of us play this game for arcade mode.....
  9. they will tell you your eyes were wrong.
  11. Isn't everyone here an old squad mate of yours?lol
  12. Lmao battlefield or any other abortion of a game makes me lol do you not realize you pay for the same game with modified ui every year? EA is terrible now they were good at one time. If you said Arma I could at least respect you.
  13. I like the vliss knokke idea it's always fun for all
  14. I was thinking maybe CRS issues all Premium Accounts a CD key registers them with steam that way you can enter key and log your account in like you can do the other non-steam purchases
  15. Here's a question I wonder and it may have been answered somewhere else at another time but I see all these new people coming in and saying they only see XX numbers on Steam 10 15 30 whatever number they say is there a way to link your subscription account that we've been playing since 2001 to steam that way everyone just logs in through Steam and people can see real numbers because I know those numbers don't reflect me playing or anyone else that is returning vet