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  1. when do the new subs packages start were waiting
  2. 1v1 2v2 its called the training server... live server is the real thing. most good pilots spend/spent a lot of time practicing there, during low pop or intermission etc so when servers live they know what to do. none of us play this game for arcade mode.....
  3. they will tell you your eyes were wrong.
  5. Isn't everyone here an old squad mate of yours?lol
  6. Lmao battlefield or any other abortion of a game makes me lol do you not realize you pay for the same game with modified ui every year? EA is terrible now they were good at one time. If you said Arma I could at least respect you.
  7. I like the vliss knokke idea it's always fun for all
  8. I was thinking maybe CRS issues all Premium Accounts a CD key registers them with steam that way you can enter key and log your account in like you can do the other non-steam purchases
  9. Here's a question I wonder and it may have been answered somewhere else at another time but I see all these new people coming in and saying they only see XX numbers on Steam 10 15 30 whatever number they say is there a way to link your subscription account that we've been playing since 2001 to steam that way everyone just logs in through Steam and people can see real numbers because I know those numbers don't reflect me playing or anyone else that is returning vet
  10. Although I never played much with xoom back in the day to get to know him. I've been back a couple of weeks and I've seen him listening to players and already make changes. He is deeply invested in the success of this game and dedicated to make it happen I see him actually listening to people's ideas which seems to be more then most of the old team would do. And I see him discuss changes before knee jerk and his willingness to take a step back to take a step forward for the player base. A perfect example of what I'm talking about is the old Blue Sky back people been requesting it for years he listened stepped back and last night the air War picked up.
  11. Rats previously admitted that the landing gear hubs on allied bombers blocked damage in 2006 ish whether they fixed it I'm not sure
  12. 2001 BKB 2003 BKB Raf 111th CO 2009 JG54
  13. um im here checking things out...
  14. Everything is to hot, 80 an 70 way to hot, im running at 3.4ghz at 42degrees. video at 55, heat kills everything. if you dont know about overclocking DONT do it fastest way to ruin a system. im not sure whats going on with your sound devices, looks like references to 3 different devices, make sure you turn of onboard in bios, becuse it appears your runing a creative card. also in your video driver setting turn off threaded optimization or whatever they call it now.