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  1. Some, myself included don't play for the stats but for fun and the comraderie. If you've lived the real thing then there were only 3 stats. Dead, alive or clinging to life. This game gives folks that did do it for real a chance for the unlimited lives while converting enemies into mangled pixels. It's a great stress reliever. So live a lot, virtually die a lot, but have a blast doing it.
  2. Can we get satchel charges like the Finns in the movie. I get shot a lot with the need to be motionless delay setting down the charge on a MS.
  3. Wouldn't doubt for a second that in my first few days of FNGiness (is that a word?) I was probably one of them. Cannot recall how many I shot even inside the spawn barracks rounding the corner suddenly. Once you get a little more used to player icon rendering it gets better, but I find myself getting shot more than I like hesitating that second to see if a color ID renders on a player 100 yards away, especially for US infantry which uniform colors match just enough with Axis to make you hesitate. A big percentage of FF in the 60's was indirect fire from Arty and CAS. Having a green butterbar calling co-ords to the firebase made everyone hunker down as buttons on the fatigues seemed to keep you too high off the ground.
  4. As a recipient of FF in real life, in the game that would suck. Take 10 minutes to sneak up to a EMS to blow it and a friendly tank HE from 1k away hits the wall just as you place the HE pack ? Entering a CP with friendlies in it without a warning to them you would end up dead 40% of the time. I would be guilty of that as seeing a figure charge thru the CP door I have ashamedly fired at many of them since you cannot see their icon tag and the uniform color differences don't register that fast as at a full run they come thru the door at 30mph relative speed. Haven't been on here but a couple months so don't have the experience to give much weight, but personally think it's good as it is for now. Maybe if voice chat becomes a reality and the possibility of a verbal sign/counter-sign becomes a reality, or we can get the D-day Cricket clickers in our kit for friend/foe ID.
  5. I'm a new sub convert from AH3 after 10-12 years and find the forum and complaints here appear to remarkably mirror the AH3 community.
  6. great information, <S>
  7. Thanks for the hard work on the videos.