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  1. I RE-subbed a few days ago and finally got around to downloading everything. I can't log in now, though. I sent you an email Bloo....thanks.
  2. Of course, i can't log into the game now. I emailed bloo.....
  3. It did, and i would apologize for my extreme laziness in regards to finding the link myself...but...i never ask for handouts, cept for this link. I saw your posts below, i'm glad to see that your problems were resolved and that you got into the game! (Edit: So many ozy's, maybe you're a different one lol.) I'll be on later! Thanks Ozy! oooooohhhhh, and... S!
  4. Just for the month, i wanted to check it out and see how things have been coming along. After i resubbed i realized that i had indeed deleted the game months ago, and i can no longer find the CD since my move! I didn't look very hard to find any links to fix this, i was really hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction instead! Edited for clarity: I need to download the entire game, possible? Where? Thanks, much appreciated! -Toaster Aka: Cab3