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  1. Hi guys, Its been a while since I was playing last time and even more since I was active in the game. I still consider myself a Day 1 player Starting in 1 RCR with our leader Sgstone (I loved his way of fighting) and than attracted by flying I joined 56th FG under Bmbm and Hammered leadership. Stayed there for years and when Bmbm and Hammered stepped out I decided to start a new Scouting Force group with some real veterans by my side - Jimato, Sbuzzard, Shmonkey and other guys. We did our "Flying school" project for many newcomers at that time, it was fun and I believe some will remember it. Than when we decided not to play so often, we started Black Sheep group and few years ago, we stopped playing actively. I personally have a lot of memories from past days and this game was by my side for many many years. I dont think I will play it again, definitely not so often, but I want to come back and see what has changed and whether I could have one or two missions to remember with my old friends. I wish this game a long live and a lots of fun for guys who are playing it. S!
  2. to the top, for my old squad mates
  3. We are preparing an Operation. Keep watching our forum tomorrow...
  4. Fighters and Bombers wanted !
  5. Welcome Plantag ! We need more, if you are interested guys, check our website !
  6. We are still looking for new pilots...
  7. Vzhuru a jeste vis S nami jiste poletis....
  8. 3rd SF did an excellent job of pushing Germans out of Veere coast last night. S!
  9. If you like flying bomber with fighter escort, join us !
  10. All bomber pilots are welcome to join !