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  1. LOL it is funny with the historical stuff. Historically when people get shot in the head they die but for some reason in the game they live. But when I shot people in the foot when they put it out through the wall (which is very historical, I have read many history books where both allies and axis soldiers did this) they always die. So lets keep arguing about tanks and guns.
  2. Good change. More bullets = more fun.
  3. Maybe all the people that have made shopping lists of what they want can help him out.
  4. God Damn Logic, knock it off you will ruin the forums.
  5. Doing a quick research project. As a player you expect an allied player to not be in this area the most. 1) The spawn on a DO. 2) The FB on their AO. 3) The AB when it is hot. 4) The City CP. 5) In a tank camping the eFMS. 6) In a CP capturing it on a AO. 7) Other. Just remember this is where you do not expect to find a allied player. If you chose 7 please let me know. And yes this is for fun.