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  1. Hi XOOM, Did we must download WWIIO from steam or from website to have the reserve access ?
  2. je bump aussi ici alors !
  3. je peux aider pour le bump ?
  4. Cooolllll Le seul Squad francophone ! Encore existant depuis plus de 10 ans !
  5. Why 3DLM french speaking can't make recruitement in that page ?
  6. European Con near Meuse will be fine ? no ? Near the area where we all fight most of time in this game. Bastogne, Liege, Namur, Dinan, Trier are very close
  7. 3e DLM is the oldest french speaking squad, then we only accept french speaking people This Squad is also the oldest squad of the game, and the most recognize of the Game (allied and axis side). It have many citations for actions on the battlefied (allied and axis side):
  8. My Grandfather fought during the WWII in the 14e Régiment de Dragons Portés (14e RDP) from the beginning of the war in september 1939 to the end of the first part of the war in june 1940, as motorized rifleman. He knowed all fight during this part of the war, from Couvin to Avesnes in the 4e Division Légère de Cavalerie (4e DLC) and from Reims to Riom (central France) in the 7e Division Légère Motorisée (7e DLM). He never talked about this part of live, only say that he fought near Riom, loose some mate in this area, and a good friend of him. In 1977, one year before he died, when we, him and me, saw the show of Saumur Armor School (well know as the carrousel), he was very impressed by the entry of the S35 and the R35 in the stage. Now, i know why...
  9. No identical problem ?
  10. Since the 1.19, i have many problem with the game : - first : at the 1.19.0 and 1.19.1, when i have some break in my internet connection, the game send the know "Connection lost" and close the game, before with the 1.18 or less, the game continue to play, with sometine a CTD. - second : with the 1.19.2, i have a game freeze after 10 min of playing, and when a break connection is under way i have also freeze and ctd !!!!!