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  1. I will be putting them on every ems that I see, nothing like a billboard to guide in the bombs
  2. Xoom, you need to fly T1 French before you start making asinine statements like that. You may be the big rat, but you obviously don't have your finger on the pulse here.
  3. 190s vs bells and 81s... spit 9 is 2 tiers behind the 190. How long do you think the air war is going to last? How long are allied pilots going to pay to be on short end of this joke of a tier structure with ahistoric ammo on top of their already outclassed aircraft?
  4. Xoom, with all due respect, this undercuts all of the arguments that CRS used when they removed the AP ammo from the Air war. Can you not see how this sticks in the craw of all of the allied pilots who have to put up with a "historical" timeline with an ahistorical loadout that significantly weakens the capabilities of half of the allied planes (all if you count .303s)
  5. I don't think anyone wants to go to a red vs blue, I personally would rather go back to something like the triad system where top tier equipment was released at the same time ie: Spit IX, P38, Fw190. You still have the advantages of each plane, but you have to fly them in very different ways. I'm an air guy so that is the perspective I see the issue from, I'm curious what others see.
  6. How will this affect the FAF? I dont play much of the ground so I'll let someone else weigh in on that, but over the years, the decisions that CRS has made has all but killed off the FAF, and the RAF is not far behind. I hope you realize how low morale is among allied pilots.
  7. The problem you run into is when you claim historical accuracy for some, but don't apply it across the board.
  8. In my opinion, CRS has lost the balance between "historical" accuracy and fun gameplay. The triad system of equipment release (while it had flaws) was much better at giving a balanced fight
  9. If you go to the in game map you should see controllers tab on the top, if you go to that page, click on the detect controllers button. that would be my first option.
  10. I understand that it being a CRS Rep on the forums is probably a lot like running around with a target on your back. and we as players don't always make it easy. Most of us have a gripe or two and the forums are the only way to address them in a place where they can be heard. Everyone (who pays attention to the Hangar) knows my gripes, I feel like they are based on fact and I'm sure others feel the same about their pet issues. The point I'm trying to make is that we need a public place where we know we can reach the ears of CRS.
  11. This is the infusion that air game needs. I love it! Good fights everyone
  12. I wish more people would play the opposite side every once in a while. What looks like an uber ride from one side often has its own struggles from the other side. Now, I'm not saying that there's not issues. I have my pet issues that I [censored] and moan about(lack of .50cal API for air). Playing the other side will really help you gain perspective and learn strengths and weaknesses of the different equipment sets.
  13. My ping was around 140-180, now its 70-80
  14. bump