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  1. bump
  2. Well the time an engineer has to wait before building another bunker ppo is what, 5 min, I think that would be a fair start.
  3. i was talking about manual rebuild, the fact that an engineer can instantly rebuild a heavy aaa gun is a little over the top IMO
  4. Maybe not on the mg ai, but the 20mm, 40mm, and 88/90mm should have a higher rebuild time or take significantly more repair kits to rebuild.
  5. At least your 09 gets upgraded, the 81 stays the same
  6. brits get their spit 5 before everyone else get its match, then the axis get the 190, the faf gets a big fat f you
  7. The faf has always been the smallest air force, but this is putting the fork in it
  8. just checking because Steenburgen is cut off right now but doesn't show the white flag
  9. what are the new rules for cut off towns, do thy surrender like before, or do they just not resupply?
  10. My idea of fun is days long combined arms battles. I can remember Antwerp battles that lasted a week of solid fighting. Or Zeeland battles where Navy and air clashed to push area control to allow fmbs full of infantry to jump the gap between islands and cap spawns.
  11. Like I said before, I don't want a single bomber to be able to stop an attack, it should take several bombers multiple runs to do significant damage to the FB
  12. First, I'm not suggesting that one or two bombers be able to drop a FB. I'm thinking like 20 bombers or more if need be. This will give bombers a legitimate target and help integrate the air game with the ground game. Anyway, just a thought from an air guy
  13. You give us brand new equipment, then limit the British to one army division? we have a total of 8 Achilles and 4 Fireflys on the entire map, that's not right
  14. It's not a bug, it's a feature