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  1. I wish more people would play the opposite side every once in a while. What looks like an uber ride from one side often has its own struggles from the other side. Now, I'm not saying that there's not issues. I have my pet issues that I [censored] and moan about(lack of .50cal API for air). Playing the other side will really help you gain perspective and learn strengths and weaknesses of the different equipment sets.
  2. have you looked at brussels or den haag airfields?
  3. We had this discussion with the old CRS crew, I believe the issue wasnt with the vehicle models, it was with making the rounds server tracked objects. As it is right now indirect fire wouldn't work because your PC doesn't render units past set ranges. This is the same reason that negates high altitude level bombing of towns.
  4. maybe just the notification sound that you get when a cp is captured or you are resupplied
  5. No, this game needs more combined arms, not less. MSPs have the ability to protect themselves from the air. It is much more dangerous to fly CAS on a target town (either offensive or defensive) than ever before.
  6. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, my history says that I have successfully updated my billing but no payment has been withdrawn
  7. I'm experiencing the same issue, ticket submitted
  8. The problem is not with the total number of planes, it is with what planes are in the spawn list. For most casual pilots it is nearly impossible to be competitive with non current tier rides. So while a spawn may still have 30 aircraft left in it they will be the outdated rides. Take for example the hurricanes 2b and the hurricane 2c. The 2c generally gets used up and the 2bs just sit in the spawn. On the axis side, once the 09f and 190s come out everything else sits because what is an e4 going to do against a spit 9 in the hands of a new pilot. IMO we need to cut the numbers of low tier rides, raise the number of current tier rides, and allow lower ranks access to better equipment.
  9. and some of us have been flying from 2-3 airfields back for the last week to keep up with losses on the front. Attrition happens to all of us
  10. IF YOU DONT PLAY INFANTRY THEN GET BENT. I think that sums up delems position
  11. I don't think it is re-manning, to kill an AI pit in the game you have to get a direct hit on it. A bomb going off directly on top of any ATG/AAA would mangle the unit beyond recognition. A direct hit from a large caliber AP or HE round would likewise wreck anything it hit, and i would assume that HMG rounds would damage critical components like recoil cylinders and optics
  12. I'm not talking about automatic rebuild. I'm talking about an engineer instantly rebuilding a heavy AA gun seconds after it has been taken down, then rebuilding as soon as it's taken down again. I think that there should be some sort of limit on how fast an ai pit can be rebuilt
  13. bump
  14. Well the time an engineer has to wait before building another bunker ppo is what, 5 min, I think that would be a fair start.
  15. i was talking about manual rebuild, the fact that an engineer can instantly rebuild a heavy aaa gun is a little over the top IMO