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  1. what are the new rules for cut off towns, do thy surrender like before, or do they just not resupply?
  2. just checking because Steenburgen is cut off right now but doesn't show the white flag
  3. My idea of fun is days long combined arms battles. I can remember Antwerp battles that lasted a week of solid fighting. Or Zeeland battles where Navy and air clashed to push area control to allow fmbs full of infantry to jump the gap between islands and cap spawns.
  4. First, I'm not suggesting that one or two bombers be able to drop a FB. I'm thinking like 20 bombers or more if need be. This will give bombers a legitimate target and help integrate the air game with the ground game. Anyway, just a thought from an air guy
  5. Like I said before, I don't want a single bomber to be able to stop an attack, it should take several bombers multiple runs to do significant damage to the FB
  6. You give us brand new equipment, then limit the British to one army division? we have a total of 8 Achilles and 4 Fireflys on the entire map, that's not right
  7. It's not a bug, it's a feature
  8. Or just get the damage model right on all atgs
  9. Atgs have always bothered me. any AP shell to the barrel, breech or recoil mechanism (basically any part of the body of the gun) should kill it. I don't know if it has changed since i last played in 2012, but it seems like it hasn't
  10. I would like to see a push to a 2.0 version of the game.
  11. I got my game working again, if you have a dual core system, set the affinity to both cpu, and set priority to realtime, doing this cut the number of times i ctd down to about 1/4 as many as i used to have
  12. I keep getting a network error on opening saying< "unable to opn connection to game network." I ran the network check the resualrts are below.. Test 1: Auth Pri WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 2: Main Pri WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 3: Main Alt WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 4: Main PingPri WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 5: Main PingAlt WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 6: Main Chat WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 7: Event Pri WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 8: Event Alt WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed *** ALL TESTS FAILED - Check network connection/firewall what does this mean?
  13. About 1/3 of my sorties I ctd on spawn or despawn, am I the only one who has this?
  14. Ground units, some more than others, sniper and ATG will make me ctd as soon as i load them up, but armored units rarely cause me to ctd
  15. Every time I spawn a sniper or one of the heavy ATG's I CTD within a few seconds. I can spawn any other unit except these two without any trouble. Is anyone else getting these CTD's?
  16. 1. Do you have a CTHL (Connection To Host Lost) or a CTD (Crash To Desktop)? cthl 2. Which type of CTHL do you have? a 3. Did you have these CTHLs before 1.23.4? ever since the blackout bug fix... whenever that was 4. What is your internet connection type (dial-up, dsl, cable, fiber)? cable 5. What are your download and upload speeds (if known)? not sure 6. What is your CPU? p4 2.4 7. Does this CTHL happen in a consistent place in the game world? all over 8. Does this CTHL happen in a consistent situation? all of the time 9. Does it happen on the Training server? yes 10. It is consistently reproducable (we're looking most for ones that are)? not sure 11. Are you available between 3 PM and 6 PM US Central time to help our team test? yes 12. Is there anything else about the CTHL that seems relevant? I have to reset my modem when i cthl
  17. is it just my machine or do other people lose connection to the internet when they lose connection to host? I cant even play for 5 minutes without a cthl and a loss of connection to the internet
  18. i have tried downloading from the main page, (nothing happens) I have tried downloading from gnasche's site, (i can download it but i get an error every time i try to run the installation) I tried reloading windows, still... It is not just this game i have trouble with, i cant download from any site, but i can run the internet just fine
  19. in fact i cannot run ts or download anything, all of my security settings in internet options are set to defalt and i dont rember changing anything that would affect my ability to download. I connect through a router, but i dont know how to see if that has anything to do with my problem
  20. i have tried, but i still cannot even open the online game, (i can get into practice ofline) it has to be a setting on my computer that isnt letting me play, but i dont know what to look for. all i get when i click play allied/axis is the playnet page that says an unknown error has occured
  21. for the past week every time I click the "play allied/axis" link i get redirected to the playnet site which says there has been an unknown error, my account is active, and I was able to play about half of the last campaign... I dont know if this is also linked to the same problom but i cannot log onto teamspeak either... any help would be great
  22. My account is active and i just reinstalled the game (with all current patches) yet every time i try to log in i come up with the playnet page that says there was an unknown error. has anyone else had this problem?