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  1. Signed back up after not playing for the last 7ish years. I currently have a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS setup, and saitek pro rudder pedals. Is the Warthog not supported? I do detect devices and it'll detect any other joysticks I plug in, but not the warthog. I can go into Game Controller settings, click advanced, and then set either the warthog joystick or the throttle to the "preferred device for older games" and then that one single device will work, but none other ones. Without doing this, I can get any other combination of joysticks working, but just not either of the Warthog devices. Is there a fix for this? I'll be said if I have to cancel my account and request a refund, but I came back to fly. Being unable to fly makes the game sadly unplayable
  2. Do yourself a favor, go with CH. It's not a coin toss. Saitek is like a lambo and ch is like ferrari. Lambo may look nice, but when it comes down to it the ferrari just destroys the competition. Don't regret dropping that kind of money for a glitzy saitek setup.
  3. I tried the saitek pedals and didn't like them. Haven't tried CH pedals, but I hear they're the best.
  4. So up until today, WWIIOnline has worked fine. I do not have auto update turned on, and the only thing that is different since last time I played was I installed spore. Windows Vista 32bit. Basically, I click the icon, the login screen comes up, I hit play, a dos window pops up and closes but the game never starts. Any ideas?
  5. Bumped for I am looking for the same.
  6. ya I haven't gotten it to fully work once over the last 24 hours. Its a big weekend though. lots going on.
  7. CRS, baby, treat me right here. I already had a hell of a time getting the forums to work (you guys need a new database admin), so love me tenderly and fix my issue. Gracias.
  8. S! all. Just recently re-subscribed and now i've got an issue. I run a 4 monitor setup using two graphic cards. My main monitor, running on the VGA port on my main graphics card, is the only one I want to use to play. I have the graphics card selected in the settings as the one I want to use, and in windows its set as my primary monitor. When I run the game, it only displays on the right portion of my main monitor... like here's my monitor: ______________ |||||||||||......| |||||||||||......| |||||||||||......| |||||||||||......| ______________ where the |||||||| is just black screen and the ..... is the game itself. Now the game is not stretched, its just simply cut off, giving me the right hand side of what I can see. The only solution I've thus figured out is to turn off my 3 other monitors, and then it will work.... So while I have a temporary solution, I really would prefer not having to go through the hassle every time I want to play. So does anybody have any ideas? I'm running Windows XP pro btw. Thanks! And cya in the skys.