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  1. Been here a long time, just hiding, checking in, squad lists me as junior member cuz Im retired Jabo CO. Ignore the person behind the curtain he never posts anything. lol
  2. Hello gents Hyo here. Been a while since I've played due to health reasons. I will have to start back in slow as I suffered some issues that may require me to play very sparsely at first. I originally started as free guinea pig 6 months before we actually had to start paying then in June of 2001 it became official. Worked my way up to Brigadier General in 4 years Luftwaffe flying the Pig (BF-110) solely. Then ranks readjusted to where I think I was a Colonel or Lt. Colone. And flew for 13 years straight. Unfortunately due to a minor stroke that messed up my vision and a very bad fall down stairs I was wheelchair bound for a year and multiple surgeries later was semi put back together. Body but not mind. Lol....well ill be in and out for a while. Any way I have always tried to support this game, ( it's awesome with no other truly like it), even as a hero builder, on disability now limits what I can. Ill do my best to help. I'll check out the rides (air) and see what you all have written about them and maybe pop in from time to time to try one. I don't have Internet ($) so it will be when I can. Steal it or get the Gov to give me access or something. Salute. Looking forward to seeing you guys in game. Salute Hyo. "I endeavor to persevere"