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  1. Down load cpuz small clean little app will tell you everything about your system.
  2. Thanks for great explanation. I already putting the pieces together for a Intel I7 7700. It's only a four core but from what I read it's a beast on single core performance compared to much more expensive chips. In my hay day of PC building I was the guy preordering cpus and video cards. Me and a squad mate always trying to outclass each other. That went on from a 500mhz AMD vodoo5 and ended up with a quad core amd and sli setup. Those days are long gone. Now very surprised 10 year old hardware holding it's own. That would of never happened mid late 2000s. The performance is very good thru many titles with the 6 core phenom and 8 core fx. Not looking for very good I want much better. I guess the old PC building flame still burning! Thanks for taking the time to respond. Still interested on what people are running and there performance.
  3. For instance. My phenom 2 and fx 8350 at stock speeds. Both spawned in and inf side by side are with in 1 or 2 fps. Battles they fall into high 20s. I over clock the fx 900mhz and I get the same exact performance. This game being so CPU dependent you would think to see some performance increase?
  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes been watching developments towards 64bit and beyond very closely. Very aware of single core optimization. Just so baffled by 3 generations of CPUs all performing the same. My Phenom 965, 1100t, and fx 8350 pushed to the limits are with in a frame or two side by side comparisons. I looked into single core performance of many modern CPUs. Looks like shelling out alot of cash won't even get me a 50% improvement from my best set up in this game. I will say we are a long ways from my 800mhz amd and vodoo 5 I was sporting when this game launched. I can remember 10fps pretty well. <S>
  5. I am an old PC gamer that hung it up over ten years ago. I played ww2ol from the start in 2001 and just recently got back into it. I dug out my two old pcs one was an athlon 3500+ and the other was a Phenom 2 quad core. Sine then I put together some aging setups but that still have some grunt. A phenom 2 1100t 6 core @ 4g and a FX 8350 @ 4.9g both with 8 g ram and gtx 1060s. More modern machines in the works. My question here is thru all those machines I get almost identical performance. Some areas I break 100fps while others in heavy battles I fall below 30fps. Going from an athlon single core to the fx 8 core with double the single core CPU bandwitdth and quadruple the ram should of yielded results? What am I missing here? Curious to what people are running and what kind of performance they are getting.
  6. Returning player from early early days.. Looking for some squad mates...
  7. Returning player from the early days looking for an active allied squad. I'm eastern US but online all crazy hours. Currently Sgt working hard up the ranks. ~S~