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  1. brits 2lber only, axis pak36 fine, French/us 25mm fine,
  2. working fine now, thx
  3. i have the same problem with a free play account I created to train on the training server with, altho the ftp acct can access the live server fine, I put a ticket in asking if ftp are allowed to access training server (which got closed because of 3 days inactivity - im not sure what im supposed to do if no 1 is asking me a question), I asked in the problem forums if ftp are allowed access, seems to me like ftp are not allowed access to training server unless any one creating a new 1 can tell me otherwise.
  4. I got kicked out of game 10 mins ago, first 2 times I got host connection on loading bar and back to desktop now I get logging in and back to desktop - which curiously what stops my ftp acct from accessing the training server looking at general forums I don't get the impression of a server crash?
  5. hi can free trials access the training server, I created 1 to do some training , it can access the live server but when I log into training server the loading screen just goes back to desk top after a few seconds. I know theres a free trial forum but it is empty when I look at it. thx