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  1. There's a difference when you intend or even try to pull up from the dive and when you just kamikaze in...
  2. Watched him do it a dozens times. Dive in firing so the range is short and penetration is maxxed cause you come in at almost 90 degrees straight down to get kills on tigers. He does it on his last 3 or 4 rounds of firing. Ask him, he wont deny it cause he knows it's true.
  3. Keep crashing tankbusters into panzers, puzzy.
  4. Gonna log in later and roll 30 towns because of this thread.
  5. Go away, suicider. Nobody asked you to chime in with your BS.
  6. Still no answer on why we got the stuka G2 removed, and now the allies have the Hurri 2d in the game instead lol
  7. The "historical tiers" are killing the game, not all at once, but slowly...
  8. @OHM I thought the Germans got the stuka G2 tankbuster in tier2?
  9. So gut the air game so some other people can be happy. You're a marketing genius.
  10. Always asked this question: How many players did we lose because of the weather? How many did we lose because it was sunny all the time? People say "but I like the weather", yeah, and that's great, but would you have unsubbed because it was sunny all the time? It would have never crossed your minds.