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  1. Yeah, saw a hurc take one out with cannons last night. At least I know 110 can do it....makes things even
  2. Well, so much for that 8*(
  3. Is it hard to add fb's to the map? Why not remove the fb's between Gravelines and Dunk(just like some other cities don't have fb's) and put two fb's from Dover and Deal between the cities? On the other side two fb's from Dunk could be put between Dover and Deal? The map gets so boring as the axis get towards the French factories and the channel becomes a wall you can't get past. If it isn't too hard to add fb's, why not give it a try? It would add a whole new dimension to the map.
  4. I haven't noticed anything, but my settings are always low
  5. I agree, enemy planes flying over ab's restricting play, let it happen to af too, they can spawn aa at af right? goose gander, that thing