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  1. Happening to me again after this patch. New patch, new problem I guess(I posted this previous patch)
  2. 1.) Not at all, new players can make their own missions or join the missions HC has created. We have a small squad a couple of guys that grew up together created, and only one or two of us actually play anymore. I find action all the time, and if I don't I make a mission. 2.) New people join squads all the time, why would that change? You have to prove yourself, private missions or not. 3.) I am not sure what you are saying. When you create a mission, private or not, you should have tunnel vision on that mission. If I am setting a mission to blow a bridge, everyone on that mission should have something to do with blowing that bridge. If I have a mission to capture a spawnable, everyone should have something to do with capturing that spawn, etc. Why would I want anyone doing anything else? 4.) This has been thought about for 15 years, how much more time do we need? The only issue here is making sure there are enough missions. And with implementation of HC, we have the tools. HC move brigades and call the attacks. They also make missions. Now, once a fru has been established on a private mission, if we could unlock it, that would be great. There are no squads here that want to exclude anyone, they just want to have the opportunity to make that mission successful. Look, it's not just the dirty players out there that cheat, but people who just don't care, spawning at fru's throwing smoke grenades out of spite and shooting their rifle. Why should that be allowed to continue and ruin the game experience for others? It's not right, and it's fixable.
  3. Or Spawn your new fru and start firing a rifle and throwing grenades
  4. There have been private missions in other games and it didn't hurt the game. This game a mission must be posted before you can spawn, making it impossible to make a private mission. Do we have community managers and HC? Yes, there is much more new player support than any of the other games I have played...and I have been playing computer games a long time. You can't treat new players like they are idiots, just help them as they ask and they will figure it out. I can remember being laughed at when I flew my first flight sim. I remember first playing Aces High and driving for hours before realizing I could spawn at a base close to the action, but I played those games a long time. I have actually tried Aces High again, but the graphics are so dated now it's hard to play after playing Cliffs of Dover. I think you will find that private missions will attract people more than it will deter them. Especially if those missions are only visible to the squad it is posted in...out of sight, out of mind. This would also be a great tool for setting up attacks to make them successful. Too many times attacks are thwarted because the defense has defensive mobile spawns set up ahead of your attack. When this happens we all know the outcome, but who wants to call off an attack so soon and set up another one when you know you have someone "spying" your activity? To me, as vet(not to mention a new player), it turns me off. I think you will find that private missions are going to solve a lot of problems a hell of a lot more than it will create any.
  5. After the last patch I would log into the game and get auto despawn after a short time playing. Tatonka mentioned he(or she) adjusted their virtual memory and it solved the problem. Well, I looked into it, did some research and adjusted my virtual memory. It has worked, not one despawn. I have windows 10 pro, so I will give the links to adjusting virtual memory in that OS. https://www.geeksinphoenix.com/blog/post/2016/05/10/how-to-manage-windows-10-virtual-memory.aspx "There is a formula for calculating the correct pagefile size. Initial size is one and a half (1.5) x the amount of total system memory. Maximum size is three (3) x the initial size. So let's say you have 4 GB (1 GB = 1,024 MB x 4 = 4,096 MB) of memory. The initial size would be 1.5 x 4,096 = 6,144 MB and the maximum size would be 3 x 6,144 = 18,432 MB." I hope this helps. Even though I have 16gb of system ram, this still worked.
  6. Well, I am hearing all your excuses for not having private missions, but none of them make any sense. As far as missions for new players, anyone can make a mission and seeming HC calls the attacks, they can make missions too. There are no shortage of missions. Second, there seems to be plenty of time to code stationary objects like AI gun pits, but none for important things like missions? The very backbone of the game? CRS just doesn't want to give up ANY control of the game, and that's what it boils down to. Now you want veteran players to step up and lead missions, but you don't want us to have any control of who is on that mission...unacceptable. What CRS fails to realize is that these private missions will entice new players to join squads and earn trust, and that is how a solid player base is built. Their reputations are on the line. People who don't care if they get booted from the game for cheating have nothing to lose, they don't give a flying fajita about the game or the people playing it. And personally, I couldn't care less if they come back or not. What really sucks is making a mission for tanks, spending all that time making rally points, etc. Then getting your tanks obliterated by some tank or atg sitting in the middle of nowhere waiting for you. So give up being a control freak CRS and allow private(invisible to non squad) missions. So many excuses through the years for not doing it, it's getting old.
  7. I would say just the opposite. Let HC set up attack missions, make rally and attack points, type orders and allow anyone to step up and take the lead(which can be instructed into the mission orders). I would go one further and have it so only squadmates see the mission posted. If you are not in the squad you wont even see a mission posted...I like that better. Stealth matters
  8. Has there been any more talk on this? I would like to make missions with rally points, but I don't like that anyone could know our mission details. I would be nice(and fair) if we could have password locked missions. Along with steam comes a lot of young people which the game really needs, but with that comes some childish behavior(yes, that spying word). When you have a group that wants to run a tank mission with rally points, mobile spawn, support points, etc., it is essential to keep that missions details private to ensure it's integrity.
  9. What is your point? Trying to say that the 20mm cannon on the axis planes were not effective and that much more weaker in bringing down a plane? Nice try. But seeming you want to go down the 'historical accuracy' lane, maybe you can tell me why the allies get a sherman76 from 1944? Right....for 'balance'
  10. Just bring your over-powered matilda......and S35.....and Char....and spitfires....and DB7's...and Havocs....and grease guns....and stens... Oh, and let's not forget the Sherman 76.....which didn't get produced until 1944....yet somehow the allies get....for 'balance' Yet the me262 is off limits because it was produced in 1944 Come play with axis equipment before you talk. Giving the axis a few map wins to prove balance means little
  11. When we tested it was 70 for hurc2c and 180 for 110 And how is it a moot point for fighters? you know, when you lay into an allied plane and it takes a ridiculous amount of 20mm and it flies off and one pass on an axis plane with 20mm lays it to waste. Keep down playing it though, that's what company guys do instead of fixing it. And btw, deleting my posts about it just makes it look worse
  12. It was proven when FMS's were being taken down with one pass by allied cannons. We tested and it took over 5x as many 110 cannons to do it. The 20mm cannons on allied aircraft are far more powerful than the axis planes. That is why enemy planes take so much damage from the 20mm of axis....the axis cannons are nerfed
  13. Or, god forbid, threaten allied air superiority
  14. "One of the cool things we'd like to do is to take a big town and divide its ownership up a bit. We think this would create VERY unique game play opportunities, and our initial investigation suggests it may be doable. Think about (for example) Antwerp being divided into two towns (in terms of ownership) without changing much in the way that the current objects on the terrain are... that could be really interesting for long sustained inner-city battles"...Xoom This has been talked about and would be freakin awesome. Each army base captured could be tied to depots connectiing to other towns. Let's say, i.e., Germany is attacking Antwerp, has a brigade in Zandvliet, and captures the north army base. They then could move that brigade into Antwerp and have that supply at the north army base which would include the north docks and depots, etc. This would make for epic battles, and maybe the German strategy for going around Antwerp might change.
  15. Yeah, saw a hurc take one out with cannons last night. At least I know 110 can do it....makes things even