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  1. What is your point? Trying to say that the 20mm cannon on the axis planes were not effective and that much more weaker in bringing down a plane? Nice try. But seeming you want to go down the 'historical accuracy' lane, maybe you can tell me why the allies get a sherman76 from 1944? Right....for 'balance'
  2. Just bring your over-powered matilda......and S35.....and Char....and spitfires....and DB7's...and Havocs....and grease guns....and stens... Oh, and let's not forget the Sherman 76.....which didn't get produced until 1944....yet somehow the allies get....for 'balance' Yet the me262 is off limits because it was produced in 1944 Come play with axis equipment before you talk. Giving the axis a few map wins to prove balance means little
  3. When we tested it was 70 for hurc2c and 180 for 110 And how is it a moot point for fighters? you know, when you lay into an allied plane and it takes a ridiculous amount of 20mm and it flies off and one pass on an axis plane with 20mm lays it to waste. Keep down playing it though, that's what company guys do instead of fixing it. And btw, deleting my posts about it just makes it look worse
  4. It was proven when FMS's were being taken down with one pass by allied cannons. We tested and it took over 5x as many 110 cannons to do it. The 20mm cannons on allied aircraft are far more powerful than the axis planes. That is why enemy planes take so much damage from the 20mm of axis....the axis cannons are nerfed
  5. "One of the cool things we'd like to do is to take a big town and divide its ownership up a bit. We think this would create VERY unique game play opportunities, and our initial investigation suggests it may be doable. Think about (for example) Antwerp being divided into two towns (in terms of ownership) without changing much in the way that the current objects on the terrain are... that could be really interesting for long sustained inner-city battles"...Xoom This has been talked about and would be freakin awesome. Each army base captured could be tied to depots connectiing to other towns. Let's say, i.e., Germany is attacking Antwerp, has a brigade in Zandvliet, and captures the north army base. They then could move that brigade into Antwerp and have that supply at the north army base which would include the north docks and depots, etc. This would make for epic battles, and maybe the German strategy for going around Antwerp might change.
  6. Or, god forbid, threaten allied air superiority
  7. Is it hard to add fb's to the map? Why not remove the fb's between Gravelines and Dunk(just like some other cities don't have fb's) and put two fb's from Dover and Deal between the cities? On the other side two fb's from Dunk could be put between Dover and Deal? The map gets so boring as the axis get towards the French factories and the channel becomes a wall you can't get past. If it isn't too hard to add fb's, why not give it a try? It would add a whole new dimension to the map.
  8. Yeah, saw a hurc take one out with cannons last night. At least I know 110 can do it....makes things even
  9. Well, so much for that 8*(
  10. I haven't noticed anything, but my settings are always low
  11. I agree, enemy planes flying over ab's restricting play, let it happen to af too, they can spawn aa at af right? goose gander, that thing