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  1. WB!
  2. Hiya Throggy, Day1'er recently come back as well. WB and I hope you find it fun enough to stay. Even with the spawn delays and limited playtime due to RL, I am having a good time. It is funny that you mention climbing. I was in Neuf last night and was trying to 'shimmy' my way up into an MG tower and it wasn't working like it used to. I asked in chat and some people thought I had three heads. I guess the climbing has been out for some time. Finding good spots in those 'platform' trees used to be a lot of fun. You know the drill though, this game was never designed to be a WWII COD clone. So many people, so much terrain/map space and $$$ shortages for the Rats kept things behind the curve a bit. But for a massively multiplayer Sea, Land and Air WWII game you won't find anything of this scale. Just about everything in this game requires a bit of patience and teamwork. S!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome guys! JP! How goes it M8? Thanks Nitwig, it was a last moment decision on the tag when I started playing WWIIOL and it has followed me ever since. Thanks for the invite Infumuzz, if things don't work out maybe I will give you guys a call. Been having a blast. Glad to see so many old timers still around too like Canukplf, Malvoc, AOMercy and lots and lots of others! I have been busy depleting Allied supply re-learning the game and regaining my situational awareness so I apologize in advance. It is funny though, as I read through the forums I found that the complaints and arguments about the game have not changed over the years lol. Side balancing OP equiment ETC. It is starting to feel like home again. I just want my Joker flags back! S!
  4. What timezone do you guys play in? S!
  5. So is LAF still around or has that ship sailed, does anyone know? I know about 6 years ago it was pretty much on the decline but I am not sure if it is gone for good. I think at that point An11bgod had pretty much marched off into the mists of battle. S!
  6. I remember the 45 min. drunken Bedford runs to Wiltz to hump a radio. That was always a fun tactic, never knowing when a town 30miles behind the lines would be capped. I agree with Canukplf, having terrain barriers/features mean something really adds to the dynamic of the game.
  7. BADGER! Sorry bud, I couldn't resist. Good old days and all that you know...
  8. Well it has been a bit of time since I have played WWIIOL. Keep an eye out for a old fart wearing a Lafayette Federation insignia and looking down the wrong end of a rifle barrel. He might need all the help he can get. S! to friends old and new....
  9. If I was to take a French DD and go sailing I am pretty much positive you would blow me out of the water. So for now, I shall be keeping my feet dry.
  10. Ok seems that the server issue is somewhat resolved.
  11. No No No Nooooo! I just got back from watching the Transformers movie and I was all set to go and kill little pixelated people...
  12. When the game starts and I get to the 'Choose a Persona' screen I have no information for any nationality and I cannot log into the game. It also seems that there is no information under my 'Squad' tab as it is prompting me to create a new squad. Is anyone else having these issues??? Le Help!