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  1. That has been the argument by the previous generation of Rats. I think the current generation's approach is listen to the player base more.
  2. In some vehicles I only get sound on one side and as I turn past the source, the sound will flip to the other speaker. Both speakers do not work at once. Very annoying.
  3. I think the thought is that some people will use the formula to rank in lieu of, or to the detriment of, team play. Although some do that already, I would guess that the Rats don't see any positives in letting the details of the ranking fdormula be known.
  4. It was also stated by a Rat previuosly that there is a max number of points that you can get per mission. For instance, if you sank 10 dd's with an 88 you may get no more credit than sinking a fairmile. The points you get is based on the ratio of rdp its takes to generate your weapon vs. the amount of rdp you kill. If you get a RTB you get 100% of the points you earned, MIA you get 75%, KIA you get 50%. Each successive rank gets harder. I have been playing allied a lot for about 1.5 years and am a major with my main account. I might get to general before I die. Rank was easier to get before, and some people where assigned rank, so if you see some 3-4 star general running around, chances are 1) he has no life, 2) he did not earn rank in the current system (yes, I am just a little bitter)......
  5. Try this:
  6. Could be. I don't know your system but the Dell I got recently had some firewall stuff preloaded. Also Windows prompted me to set up a firewall, but I declined; I used my own software. I would try, if you have not already, to redownload the program. It's takes a while, but may be worth trying. I did a fresh install with 1195 and did not have any problems. Update to latest drivers if you haven't recently.
  7. I had something similar happen to me. It turned out my antivirus/adware software was screwing up the install. I now turn those programs off when installing/updating.