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  1. Would like to multi-crew on one of the Allied ships if possible.
  2. Thanks for the reply SgtSpoon, to answer your questions: Yes, my other buttons and axes seem to work just fine. Im not sure about the blank profile, I didnt personally set one up so i guess the answer is no. Unfortunatly I am at work right now so I cant post my dxdiag. I will check on the blank profile thing when I get home and see if that works. I did notice that the detection routines were a bit finicky, sometimes I would have to push a button several times to get it to register on the keymapper. Once again thanks for the help SgtSpoon and all the work that you have been doing for the WWII online community.
  3. I have recently returned to the game after a few months offtime and I was trying to keymap my joystick so I could do some flying and for some reason the keymapper will not reconize my trim nobs on my X52. It worked a few months ago just fine. I have done a couple of searches on the forums and cant find any answers to this problem. Is this a bug in the keymapper or maybe a problem on my end? Help!! I wanna do some flying this weekend =)