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  1. I will take rifle sway over bunny hopping any day. I would say suck it up and deal with it, we all have dealt with it.
  2. Maybe if we got a effective damage model vs airplanes AA would be more effective. Pilots have no fear of flying low over ground targets as it is. Do I doubt lowering the spawn will do much of anything. As it is right now air quake has pretty much turned me back to leaving. Between the [censored] damage model and aerobatic bombers doing loops and tanking multiple 40mm rounds with nary a puff of smoke and just go flying away.
  3. Is there even a beta test client open yet?
  4. You know how stupid that sounds saying that? The idea of being stealthy or setting up an ambush is to AVOID drawing a damn crowd to you. Jesus, you would think that would be obvious. Let the victim ad a mark to the map when he respawns if he remembers where he was. This skull crap is a bandaid to the low pop issues, nothing more.
  5. Skulls shouldn’t show up anyway, unless another infantryman was within a certain distance from the victim. It makes no sense and is uber gamy to see skulls on the map and really hurts those who set up a good ambush.
  6. Nice shot. So rear quarter on the deck to kill it... so we all have to find high ground to the rear of a Matilda. I appreciate the footage my friend and thank you for it. Wasn’t trying to be snotty.
  7. Haha yeah right. I’m invoking the “pics/vids or it didn’t happen” internet rule.
  8. Hahahaha yeah effing right. You actually think the Russian front will be added? The OP wants some magical dog unit that sniffs our enemy infantry. I want my German Shepard to crawl under a Matilda and blow it up.
  9. This guy knows the real problem. When you can hit a single seat fighter in the wing roots with a 40mm HE round and if flies off there is something wrong. Not to mention the hyper aerobatic bombers.
  10. Roll that beautiful bean footage! I want to see it and what range you are shooting at.
  11. I want to put a sachel charge on my dog and send him under tanks.
  12. Nothing about the horrible damage models or the ridiculousness of the agility of the allied bombers? Bombing height is nothing and nitpicking over fusing height is goofy. Nobody has said anything about fixing the plane damage models to fix the real problem.
  13. Don’t really need a crossfire with panzers in Matildas haha but good show man.
  14. Exactly. The slow ROF coupled with the crap tastic damage model make being a ground pounder like shooting ducks in a pond. Also the hyper aerobatic bombers also needs addressed. Is there a wing load stress model? Would be really nice to have some quad AA or dual bofors, something.