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  1. I think we covered our points, hopefully Xoom and the gang take a peek. Thx for the brainstorm
  2. I mean more like, don't let one death dock more than one kill. Example... If I get a good 5 kill sortie, go up a rank. Then get killed 3 times, drop down, I'm going to make sure I'm not killed again. But that also means I'll likely be playing conservatively when I could be a bit more aggressive. I'll go cap the city instead of defend the spawn. I like your logic, but a LOT of players, including my noob self, are sub 1.0 kdr... and if this is too harsh of a rule, people will hide and hide and hide as to not die to lose their rank even more than they already do (see green tags in field or buildings at any AO). Re-reading your post, it seems you addressed this. Something about reading it the first time threw me off. Example: Kill for 10pts, death for 3pts. Gives you a few cracks at it before you go negative. Like when you're charging a CP over and over and over and finally get the guy hiding in the corner upstairs. Again, sorry for going off topic... but I think the points system is a huge way to incentivize better gameplay by everyone.
  3. Tanks spawning on tanks... gamey. Imagine if your AB is camped by one tank on a hill, and all of a sudden 4 more appear there and spread out to all angles... Half the tanking game is having patience to get your slow tank to the town. Inf spawning within a few hundred yards of depot? why not bring back HCFMS (which CRS said is a no-go...) Both can be accomplished with waypoints. Slap one on the map, rally at waypoint, go about your day.
  4. Starting to stray off topic when I say this... but he’s onto something. The rank system seems like an easy change... it is currently pointless. And nowhere does it explain how you get more points for caps, defending kills, RTBs than you do for just killing a random EI in a field... points get (some) new guys all juiced up. Now the idea of “rank down for dying” seems a bit harsh. Especially to a guy who dies all the time driving trucks to town... like a noob...
  5. As an allied in that defense... was a fun fight. One of the better ones I've had this week.
  6. Interesting. You may be onto something... But then (and I don't suggest this) why not get rid of HC leadership entirely, have no AOs, and just have a big free-for-all on the front line with squad flags? Or (the better solution) just get some of these squad COs and XOs to join HC, because its really not that hard, so you can move the map and have your squad "in the loop."
  7. Just today... had a green tag who wouldn't communicate. But marking "R1" and telling him "go cap R1, you'll get points" and he did. Then two more after! Woot!
  8. When setting FB Busts or DFMS, I’m always updating .orders. Cuz that pops up before you spawn in. You’re a pretty seasoned vet, so the waypoints are more so for the new guys who will report “I’m at the target, what do I do now?”
  9. *raises hand nervously*
  10. I was happy to crash the truck with all of y'all in the back. 3 times. #HellzYeah
  11. Hey all, For some reason I can create new topics on the forums but can't reply to forum posts... any ideas whats up? Maybe just my browser or something?
  12. Nah, standard FMS is 300m. Do way too many FB busts at that range.
  13. FMS is 300m. HCFMS is 250m, I think? Measuring from the map icon rather than the actual building.
  14. Cheesy as all heck, but certainly needed. There isn't a great in-game tutorial on how to make your way around the map and missions. Well done!