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  1. Hey all, For some reason I can create new topics on the forums but can't reply to forum posts... any ideas whats up? Maybe just my browser or something?
  2. Nah, standard FMS is 300m. Do way too many FB busts at that range.
  3. FMS is 300m. HCFMS is 250m, I think? Measuring from the map icon rather than the actual building.
  4. Cheesy as all heck, but certainly needed. There isn't a great in-game tutorial on how to make your way around the map and missions. Well done!
  5. I’ll +1 this idea. The open pentagon one makes a pretty good “open field” defense. Taking the fighting out to the outskirts/open fields of town, especially ones spread out like Leuven, antwerp North/central, always adds another dimension to the game. similar to how we use open-ab courtyard for a variety of random CPs in some towns.
  6. In-game voice comms would be great, even as complicated as it is. I'll sometimes just sit-in on channel just to hear what people are saying, to give me a better heads up on what's going on, what to do, where got camped, where my guys are, etc. If that audio is coming out of the game, rather than an external service, it is DEFINITELY going to be used more by us new guys.
  7. Although your photo is making my mouth water and stomach grumble... I'll say I disagree. Giving away free 3-month subs to greentags just to get them to try it is... terrible. Imagine if the poor guy shows up at 11am CEST, enters a town with 3 allies and 6 axis, keeps getting shot every time he tries to cross the road (because you know the damn axis are cutting something ) and quits because he can't see what kills him. Money down the drain.
  8. As a new guy from June of this year... the 2 weeks premium was a hook. For sure. I came on during an intermission when we could play all equipment, had a squad recruit me, put me on voice comms, teach me the game... and barring a July where I couldn't play, I found it easy for fork over $5 a month for (what I consider to be) pretty decent access to units. Enough options with SMG, LMG, Engineer, Rifle, a few tanks, a truck, etc.... that it's pleasant to be able to do more than just be boots and tank-fodder. The community has definitely been a reason I stay. If I find a good active channel on discord, I'm on for a few hours. If it's all quiet, I'm on for 45mins max. The gameplay is VERY unique. It's not too fast-paced, but can get juicy when it needs to. You're not going to take the guys away from FPS that have 40 kills in 5 minutes, they will fall asleep driving a truck to town, at least not with this style of play. But when we've had 20 boots in town, especially a smaller town, it tends to be a good kick for a few hours. That being said, my two cents... If I was stuck with a rifle and reserve SMG for those first 2 weeks, I'd be gone. If Colsmith hadn't yelled at me to be on discord, I'd be gone. And (the kicker), if I have to pay $20 a month, I'll be gone for a bit, it just doesn't fit in my budget currently. Bring back that 2-week FTP "premium". Or even give it a "half-premium" like the $5 account has. The experience was good enough to get me to stay and start handing over money. I'm new here, and enjoying it, I don't want to see it die YET!
  9. I spawned into that FB multiple times before it was pulled. Time that how you want, but that was more than enough time to realize the FMS was inside the tents as it was the direction I was being shot from.