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  1. Wow, what amazing content! One guy wasting 28 minutes to drive in and set up an FMS to solo cap one depot and another wasting the same amount of time and effort to kill that guy three times. I can hardly contain my excitement... I'll go sign up for a sub RIGHT NOW
  2. Heh... he was on a couple days beforehand. Nobody gets out alive, and if I can be comfy enough to sit and play a good online game when my end comes, I'll die happy. Imded. Years of fun seeing you in the game.
  3. Not being able to step over a log is the most realistic thing I've seen in a video game since Wolfenstein 3D. Using the word realism in the same sentence as WWIIOL isn't realistic. It's 2019; not 1999.
  4. The obvious answer is to add in the 1944 grease gun in tier 0.
  5. Oh, back when there were more than 20 people on? How lucky you WERE?
  6. This is an awfully broad assumption. That wiki page is in need of some serious updating, FWIW. I went there to see a few things and was surprised to see it not maintained for the most part. There is very little in the way of tutorials any more -used to be someone had a page somewhere and gave the info freely, but those links are all dead. That training tutorial? Who needs to know how to move around in a FPS in 2019? Anyone? Maybe in 1999, but now? Nah. Sprinting to the range and hearing a ring... then shooting *ring* then sprinting back to the spawn point *ring*. REALLY?
  7. Oh I wasn't breaking balls... I was just lol that you were still parked in a Sherm, still camping and here you are now complaining about shrecks. Even MOAR lol. Try moving from time to time. I know, I know... you have a lot of belts of MG ammo to spend -just try not to spend them in one place hahaha Hrm, training? Or design? I think the latter. When buildings have 4-5 ways to get out of them upon spawning, and Jsilec is camped outside covering three of them; and two other tanks camped at the other ones... well, this is inevitable. Can't blame them for going right for the best kill zones, can you? That spawn delay is better than over 2 min, but it's still hard to spawn back in to be killed yet again lol I give a spawn 3 chances. Then I eff off to fly. Why bother with that?
  8. Yeah erm... this. This is no fun for anyone. I had the same thing happen to me three times, but from a spawnable CP; not a fru. (Are they still FRUs?) Decidedly UNfun. Fixed spawns.... noisy trucks.... tanks rolling out to camp. Yeeeesh.
  9. I'd bet it's like 75% of players in the field. Most of the players I chatted with in the past cpl days were FTP. Oh, and mosizlak was griping in side chat, just like when I left in 2005. Jsiliec was spawn camping in a Sherman, JUST LIKE WHEN I LEFT. Truly, Mo and players like JSilec owe CRS a giant debt of gratitude because they STILL have their favorite game around, despite the hurdles. PS: that 109!!! When I played last, (2007,) the 109s all flopped horribly. What happened?!?!? Did someone fix them? I mean... WHAT a difference! I actually was able to hang with Hurris and some Spits! I didn't frisbee off into the ground! I thought something was wrong because I was used to hearing the low-speed flaps popping out and they weren't! Whatever was done, this girl appreciates the 109! However... even when trailing a "Boston" or the other new bomber, my cannon rounds did nothing. Not to derail the OT, but what's with the HE? Still doesn't work?>
  10. It's annoying as heck. I flew more than anything in the past cpl days, because I didn't have to endure the spawn camping nonsense when flying. So sad. The infantry gameplay is pretty bad. I have no suggestions for making it better.
  11. So your solution is to shove half the playing population out for good? I know... we're FTP. I subbed back in 2005 the last time, and have checked back in from time to time just to see what HASN'T gotten done. I feel for the dev team -they are working with not much and still able to keep this thing operating. I'd love to see a graphics update, but I know that can't be in the immediate future. With other, better infantry-based FPSs on the market, I won't name names, you think CRS should force people to pay or go away. Seems like that'd kill it for good. Subscribers would dry up, I'm sure. I think that'd be the death knell for this game. What do I know, though>? I'm just a gamer who expects to be able to step over a log and not keep sliding when I stop running... also I expect my SMG to hit targets when I actually take the time to aim it. The air game is still sort of fun, but the ground game is still pretty weak, man. I may just buy a DLC for air... but then, maybe not. I couldn't pay a sub for this game as is... No way. You've been here griping in the forums since Methuselah was just a pup... but you're still here. Scores and scores of others are NOT still here. I mean... look around you.