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  1. I had to grab some popcorn while reading this thread :)

    People play video games for entertainment and when it turns into a job you start to dislike it.

    This pretty much summed up High Command, Running a Squad and trying to get players to actually do stuff properly at critical moments. Sure sometimes things went great with little effort and other times you basically were left doing all the dirty work to get the job done because nobody would do it because there was no one else or they were off doing something not as important as the most important thing needing to be done at that very moment to slowly bit by bit win a Campaign. All for the entertainment of the playerbase. Nobody knows the effort put in unless you actually did it for the enjoyment of others. Nothing is more fulfilling.

    The worse aspect has always been the lack of players, when you have enough this game is great like 15+ years ago when you barely have anyone online it's not worth playing at all.

    "You reap what you sow" comes to mind.

    ~ Me along with many others were forced to leave a game we loved. The question is, was it for the better?