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  1. I'm a new player, just started in #165. Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents, FWIW. I've mostly enjoyed the game so far and was strongly considering purchasing a sub. I didn't feel it was necessary as I only intended to play as a rifleman either way, but figured it was the right thing to do to support the game. In the short time I've played here I've come to meet some great people and really enjoy the teamwork aspect of the game. I'm a long time CoD player and was looking for a break from the toxicity and mindless arcade action. With that being said, I was surprised to login today and find out I was no longer able to cap CPs. As of this post I am the #1 capper so far in this campaign, so F2Players clearly provide value to the community. I certainly understand from a business perspective the reasoning for limiting/removing F2P, but it's unfortunate. I've played at various times of the day, peak and dead time, and even during the peak hours the game didn't feel like a grand-scale war to me. In the dead times I've seen towns taken with only 1 or 2 EI trying to defend. I can count on 2 hands the number of Axis players I've consistently encountered during this campaign. I feel that this game has such immense potential, but hasn't reached the size of community necessary to achieve it. Removing F2P will obviously increase cashflow, but it will undoubtedly shrink the community further. The appeal of this game is the realism factor for me. WWIIO has no true competitors that I can see, and while it is a bit of a niche market..it should dominate it. While some aspects seem absurdly unrealistic and out-of-character for the game (roof jumping, wall clipping, only registering 'hit' to the chest/stomach from 10m with a rifle, the horrendous lag that causes you to die before the enemy shows/no gunshot audio, the entire team using autos when historically riflemen dominated the numbers) I understand on a basic level the technical difficulties behind fixing some of these things, and how some are simply consequences of design (looking at you, grey murder box depots). I also understand that resources are needed to improve, and while I haven't been here long it seems that CRS is dedicated to progress and continuing to provide a great experience for the community. It's very commendable that they listen to the community and not just pump out content blindly for financial gain (90% of AAA studios). With all things considered, I will stop playing for now. I know the value of the subs to the continued development of the game and community, however I would like to see the consistent in-game numbers increase before I see the value of a sub as a consumer. As @XOOM mentioned the slow season should be ending relatively soon so I'll check back in later and hopefully there is a more robust community to play with then. Good luck everyone and thanks for the fun experience!