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  1. First, some "negative" points: - Enders45 was new to realism events and also as leader. Well, he was new Next time give more orders and give orders to single person. X to the left flank, Y to the right flank, Z and W stay back and cover, rest run to the next bushes. And so on ... Also take your time to make a decision, but make one. The soldiers need to have the feeling, that you have the situation in your control, you don't need to have it - Soloje and chan01, you two disappointed me. I don't know why you left our group to the E, but I think, because you though there would be more protection. I had the same opinion, but in a team you can't leave your team. Even if the leader makes a bad decision, you need to follow. Or at least report it! - colt... don't remember the name exactly, you were a bit stormy, well but not really a negative point. Positive points: - IT WAS GREAT FUN! S! LINDIR - I had again the fear of death. I was in the bushes S of the town, near the buildings. Enders45 didn't give us any orders. We should have moved into town ... some of us then did go and I wanted to follow, but I somehow couldn't. For some seconds I really had some fear ... - I killed mr2 (he smg, I rifle, he entering building, I'm upstairs), what a joy - running, running, running. Yes that is positive. We lost this for real on the main servers. Run as inf in a group from one town to the other. This can be real fun! I'm already now excited about the next event. Can't wait for it! Greetings, Drave
  2. WELCOME BACK LINDIR! Your realism events were the best that I have ever played. I'm really happy you're back. Greetings, Drave
  3. But when does the video come out? The AAR Video from which jizzyjaz said to Lindir on pic 187: _T("ohh man you will love this aar video") *can't await it* Greetings
  4. Great event! S! to Gnpatton! That was a real good job you done! I was a lmg in squad 3 W of town. Due to rogor's bad driving I got wounded. I will never ever sit again on a tank, that you are driving rogor, like I said it already ingame When we were about 2km W of the town, we separate us into two groups to secure and search a spot for our M10 on N and S side of the W road. I was in the second group, that was in the S side of the road. We advanced but didn't find any enemy scout. Even in the forest that we get through was no enemy. When we were in the forest the S attack begun. We could hear the mgs, rifles and the big guns. I was really happy to be up here in the W and not down there in the S. Arriving at the end of the forest we saw our troops in the S advancing. We had some more tree lines to advance. Nearly at the point, where our two squad groups would get back together I heard that we have enemy contact. I don't know how many they were, but if I read right it was only one EI, probably a scout. So we found our two squad groups back together. We then received the order to move in. My orders were to stay back with the other lmg by the M10 that had found a great spot. From this position I could see through the whole town from W to E because of the road. I shot several burst on some EIs that were running over the road into the N side of the town, but I think I didn't hit one of them, hit only the ground. I was too far away. We then started to move forward with the M10 too. The M10 stopped in the open field and turned himself, so he could fire with his .50Cal at the town. We moved along the road forward towards the town. Here I'd like to thank flatmm that died by securing a tree line for us. Thank you a lot flatmm, somebody did get your killer. Then we received the information, that the town was empty and we had no more enemies in the town. That they had retreat. I received the order to set up my lmg position in the S church tower. And then the waiting started. We were all so nervous and it seems especial zbarsky, that he felt down the stairs and died. Poor guy died because of some stairs in a war with so much other dangers. Well we now waited nervous and in mourning. Until we heard a noise. A scaring noise. We heard a Tiger coming from the E. I could hear and read every where: "WTF? Tiger? Oh no! Omg! What do we have against it??" We just lost our last satchels due to blowing off some buildings, that didn't want to be blown off. Yes, we had our M10s, but also a M10 has some big troubles with a Tiger. Our orders were first to attack the enemy infantry. I didn't see much, because I had some trees in the E. But through two trees I could see some bushes and there were two EIs moving forward. I think there I got my two enemy rifles kills. Up in the church I always hoped that the Tiger wouldn't fire at the tower, with his MG or a HE round. And don't ask me why, but he never fired at us. I couldn't do a lot from my position, so I only heard what was going on. I heard a gnpatton crying around like crazy. That the M10s had to fallow him. Fast, faster … And then suddenly he give the order to the M10s. COME HERE AND FIRE, FIRE ON THIS TIGER. And it started, one round after the other. Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam ... FIRE ON THE STUG ... Bam Bam Bam … and so one. And then we won. GREAT BATTLE! Ah yes, before I forget it. I want to thank someone else. Thank you hekto. You always stayed next to me, but had nearly nothing to do. I didn't even need the ammo. I hope next time you get some more action (if you want ^^')! Greetings and S! to all. And excuse my English Drave, LMG, Squad 3, W of town
  5. 1. Do you have a CTHL (Connection To Host Lost) or a CTD (Crash To Desktop)? CTHL 2. Which type of CTHL do you have? A freeze and after 45 seconds the CTHL dialog! 3. Did you have these CTHLs before 1.23.4? I had about 2 CTHLs from 1.23.0 - 1.23.5, so I though that there is nothing relevant. But since 1.23.5 I had 6 CTHLs, and I thought that there was no changes in CTHLs Issues in this patch?? 4. What is your internet connection type (dial-up, dsl, cable, fiber)? a-dsl 5. What are your download and upload speeds (if known)? Download: 2 Megabit per seconds Upload: 100 Kilobit per seconds 6. What is your CPU? 2.4 Ghz Intel 4 7. Does this CTHL happen in a consistent place in the game world? No or better I had it never in the GUI! 8. Does this CTHL happen in a consistent situation? No not really 1. Time was in the sky in a plane 2. Time was at the ground in a tank driving around 3. Time was as inf in a village 4. Time was as inf too 5. Time at an FB as AAA 6. Time was in a tank, wanted to open the map, but had it in the same mission already one time open, so it shouldn't have this long lag. 9. Does it happen on the Training server? (the training server logs extra information on our side that KFS1 and Martini can look out) Training Server? Thats is for me an unknown place 10. It is consistently reproducable (we're looking most for ones that are)? No can't reproduce it, it simply happens ^^ 11. Are you available between 3 PM and 6 PM US Central time to help our team test? (This would be done remotely) Is that around 10pm to 1am GMT+1? If yes, could be. 12. Is there anything else about the CTHL that seems relevant? Don't know. I only had bad performance since 1.23.0. And I can change everything in the settings, I don't get more FPS. I can turn off better effekts in the game and still I don't get more FPS. Perhaps because of a problem with the connection from my game to the wwiionline servers? Before 1.23.0 I had around 70 - 80 FPS. With 1.23 it is now only around 10 - 20 FPS. Same settings or even better settings for performance. Greetings Drave