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  1. I think Quin's right, a Paratrooper NCO would be easier to implement, since all the existing technology is already in game. But it sure would be cool as hell to be able to drop ammo to waiting friendly tanks/boots
  2. Id like to retract my statement about the guide, Zebbee's guide is pretty damn detailed and easy to read now that I found it. Not his fault Im challenged. The only thing I leave up as a suggestion is an audio slider, something simple like a master volume control is plenty enough, id say.
  3. Hey there folks, I have noticed a few things that I wanted to pop on the forums to offer as a suggestion, to help improve gameplay. All of these things are related to new players or returning players that are relearning the game. I tried to think of the Rats and the New players at the same time, giving simple suggestions that wont make the CRS crew have a lot of labor, while offering suggestions that should help tailor the game. Keep in mind, im only suggesting things from a new player's perspective, and trying to give insight to what some of their experiences might be like. 1. ) Payment options. Steam has made it incredibly easy to sub, -but- its still confusing. The DLC page needs a little more clarity, explaining to players how to sub and what they are subbing for. I also noticed that steam users cannot login to the forums/websites, which means that they cant see the majority of the information. My experience, I only saw posts from years ago, and thought the forums were unused now. Some websites have a "sign in through steam" button, and I'd suggest CRS link the forum database with their steam user id database, and slap a button on the website for users to sign in through steam. All those FTP players can get in here and see the activity, meaning they'll stick around (hopefully). 2.) Sound Okay, this is a simple one.. Theres a few ways I think CRS could implement a sound/volume control in the actual menus in game, or maybe even offer a guide on how to change the volume. I have a really good headset, and was playing as a boot first. I was struck deaf as soon as the first panzer rolled by, and died as I frantically searched for a volume option. Now, I know the experienced players might get a kick out of that, I sure did. But in all fairness, a volume slider in the keymapper menu should be a easy fix for CRS, and something that would greatly improve gameplay, especially with us using discord as our voice for now. 3.) Voice Kind of on the same lines as a volume slider, this one should be pretty straightforward...a message should tick every 30 minutes or so with the discord link. I know that will annoy the hell out of those of us who dont want to get in voice, or dont want to see the message every 30 mins... but I really think it will help get those new players in the discord, where they can learn and ask questions easier. Im not sure who/how the discord is being managed, but there needs to be a welcome channel in both Allied/Axis servers, that sends a message when someone new joins. It helps immensely, because I feel like discord chat gets ignored more than we should, if we are relying on it for communication along with the in-game chat. 4.) In game Chat This isnt a suggestion for the CRS team, this is for the community. We as a group need to be a little more talkative on the help chat when folks ask questions.. idk if maybe they get PM'd and I dont know it, but I feel like the guys who ask questions dont get answered. Im one of those people that can never think of a question to ask, so I always watch what others ask so I can see the answer too. If we are PMing to answer, maybe we should be answering on help? My experience again, was just that I was reluctant to ask anything because I was unsure if anyone was answering/paying attention. The only way I can think CRS can help is maybe implement a message that only shows on the first time a player spawns with a bit of quick info. Or, a HUD/UI guide in the Manual would help a lot, with information on the HUD and how it works. It'd help a little, at the very least. I actually forgot how to chat when I first came back, and still forget a lot of the chat commands, like PMing and whatnot. 5.) Steam Guides So this unfortunately IS a labor intensive one for the CRS crew. Steam allows for users to see a guide written by the community, and it shows on their overlay when they hit shift and tab at the same time. When I looked through, there wasnt a whole lot of information in there...and my suggestion is predicated on the idea that during the load screen, new users may take that time to check out a New Player Guide (much like the Wiki's version) and this would actually accomplish everything Ive listed here, at least on a temporary basis. Since I'm a firm believer in not offering a suggestion without a solution, I volunteer to write this up, but you guys will definitely have to edit it, as I'm still a returning player learning the ropes again, and I dont want to misrepresent you folks. I know the guidelines said to have one suggestion per thread, so I suppose the short version of all this is, we need detailed information for the new players to learn. The boot camp is optional, and 99% of players skip it (i think) and get in game super confused, which can be very off-putting for the impatient player. Thanks guys, and I really appreciate the hard work CRS does to make this game what it is. You guys are awesome.