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  1. Yes but if we get one Matilda over, next stop will be Essen.
  2. The griefing I am talking about is not about points. It is about using the other side’s supply to achieve your side’s tactical objective the destruction or repair of a bridge.
  3. Griefing will occur period. I like the no AO DO concept too, but there will be somebody who uses this to grief an attack or defense. Consider Hasselt for instance. One side always wants the bridge down when attacking or defending. If you think for one second that somebody won’t spawn on the side that controls the bridge to repair or destroy it; well then I have a bridge to sell you. How about this, all bridges have a toggle for their side. HC can choose repair or destroy. Every bridge for the entire map. The default would be for destroy for any bridge behind enemy lines and repair for any bridge behind friendly lines. I very much like the idea of bridges being capture points too.
  4. I suggested a middle ground earlier of making every historical placed spawn point available as an option. All of them would be truck placed or the truck itself. Placement timers would be historical too. Just the truck being the fasted and the FMS being the slowest.
  5. How about a shovel they can use to beat an opponent with?
  6. No, in my mind everything needs to be truck placed. MSP/UMS/FRU/FMS would all be able to spawn inf and light guns. The options available would allow the user to pick what works best for the objective. I am completely opposed to ninja placement.
  7. Could we have options as suggested including those from the past? Let the truck driver decide what he/she wants to place. Option 1 manned truck (FSP). Easily hidden, including in buildings. Can flee from a tank camp and deploy again elsewhere. Incentivizes newbies to fill this role as rank points were gained for each person who spawned. Option 2 UMS truck. Again something easily hidden including in buildings. Great for large city use. Option 3 the old FRU. A little tougher than the truck and easily hidden. Option 4 the current FMS. Advantage is durability. Option 5 ammo crate. Combine those options with shorter PPO cool down timers, maybe some new/better PPOs (love the idea of mines btw) and I think you have something more flexible and survivable. Rats, is this doable? For the record, I am against the medium ATGs being spawned at these. Tow a gun and cover what you build. Having the field flooded with more leathal ATGs would be a nut shot to the tanking game which is about to take a huge one with the tank buster introduction. Also Mission Leaders need to be more responsible for their FMS. Close it when camped. Close it when the battle is over. When AOs are pulled and the EWS remains heavy it is because veteran players moved on leaving their FMS behind and the green tags remained and the active battle tab funnels more green tags to the mission until it becomes camped. Our irresponsibility combined with lots of players who don’t know better are feeding this trend.
  8. I miss the old sorte details that showed the TOM for those you killed.
  9. Camping is killing a defenseless player as they spawn in. Any player that can fight back and can make a choice is not camped imho. So cutting is not a camp. Area control is not a camp. I often set up on a FB at 300-500m range and engage in what I consider to be area control. My enemy can spawn safely and make choices, but given my positioning, the most common choices made end up in death. Also, camping can sometimes be purposeful and thus okay. Closing a vehicle spawn to support an AB rush, perfectly okay. Same goes for a FB bust or shutting down a FMS because the engineers are trying to get to it. My sole concern in posting this is the ease with and what seems to be the pervasiveness of FMS camping. I have not called out any player, I have just observed that the top kills in a sorte list is insane and suggests a problem. The problem appears to me to be that FMSs are commonly camped with no other purpose other than to camp. This sort of camping is driving away the new players and we need those new players to stay.
  10. Camouflage netting would be a great PPO.
  11. I do try to fortify my FMS. I also try to bury the spawn point in a bush if possible. Another good idea I use when working with my squad is to build a second FMS with 300-500m to support each other. Building a huge fortication is possible, but cool down timers and the desire to stay hidden make it unlikely many would choose to do so.
  12. Solid suggestion.
  13. I don’t disagree. I get killed exactly one time at any camp I stumble into. The decision to be camped belongs to the camped. But we are talking about players who barely know how to find a battle. Players who shoot at AI. Players who walk to town from a FB. Remember what it was like when you first played this game.? There is a lot to learn and these camped players are not getting a chance to learn or potentially to decide they like this game. And let’s be honest about this, the FMS is easy to find and super easy to camp. MLs (veteran players) should be pulling camped FMSs.
  14. Green tags and FTP players don’t have the rank or access to engineers. Why would they pay after that experience? I looked at some of those sorties btw. Almost all newbs, no veterans.
  15. I took a look at the top kills in a sorte list and what I see there in my opinion is bad for the game. I assume the sorties on that list are all FMS camps. I also assume most of those dying in these camps are green tags. The FMS is easily camped. The design needs to be revisited. Killing our new players like that is killing any future the game might have.