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  1. Looking around the old digs and just thought I would say hello to some old friends, and one of the best squads in the game for a very long time. !S
  2. If you're playing Axis and looking for some fun and organized play, tune 43 and join in with the Wolves! !S
  3. I'll throw my two bits in on this also. I have also been experiencing this same problem, but up until I just found this thread, I've been attributing it to the Sound Card I use. I actually don't use a gaming sound card, I use a PCI recording Interface soundcard (M-Audio Delta 44), as my PC doubles as a recording studio. It normally works great, but put me in a large battle and I can no longer hear myself shoot or reload. After redaing through here, perhaps it's not my sound card. But then again, maybe it is. lol...
  4. Personally, I like the idea. My guess is that the Iron Wolves would agree to do this. We're pretty commited to helping new players already, as it's part of our Code of Conduct to do so. We're also a Combined Arms Squad that is involved in all facets of the game which means we already train our new players in all Axis avatars, so most new players will find us able to help them with their questions. We're also pretty active and usually have a presence in the game 24/7. It seems like a natural for us imho. I've informed our CO of this thread and hopefully he'll comment here when he has the chance.
  5. I've been noticing this type of behavior in my system for the last few weeks and I am also on Comcast and use a LinkSys router. Any thoughts? It drives me crazy to lose so much equipment in game to CTHL's. Enough so that I barely played over the long Holiday weekend.
  6. Has anyone rolled back and had the stutters go away?
  7. As far as ages go, I think you'll find that this game has a much higher avg age than the vast majority of MMOG's out there. For instance, I am 44, in my squad we have quite a few guys much older than I am, a bunch around the same age, a LOT in their 30's and a bunch in their 20's. The teenagers are by far the minority, as we only have a few. I wouldn't let the age of players in this particular game affect your desire to buy it. Good luck and have fun!! !S
  8. Bump, Set, Spike! !S
  9. You can find us most of the time playing Axis in KG2 of the 17th Infantry Division, 12.Armee or on Channel 43. !S
  10. You can find us in 17.ID, KG.2 on the Axis side. We also monitor channel 43. Just ask where the Wolves are and join in on the fun! !S
  11. Bump, Set, Spike! !S
  12. LOL... Mem, give the guy a chance. Infantry is the only way to move the Front, ya know. Well, truck drivers get it done too. Heh heh... !S
  13. Just Play Axis, join the 17th Infantry Division, KG2 and join in on the fun! !S
  14. Play Axis, and join 17th Infantry Division, KG2 to join in on the fun and cameraderie! !S
  15. Joining in on the fun is as simple as starting the game, choosing to play Axis and than joining the 17.Infantry Division, KG2 Brigade. That's where you'll find the Iron Wolves each and everyday. !S
  16. 17.ID, KG2 is the placeto be for fun, cameraderie and positive results. !S
  17. Bump, Set, Spike!! !S
  18. If you're looking to have some fun with a mature group of WWII enthusiests, Spawn German and join us in 17.ID KG2 or on ch:43 in game, or click my Sig to visit our website. !S Map created by Ricko !S