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  1. 2004 and 40 Comm Happy days
  2. Tried Branko's solution above - but now game doesn't load. Hit "Play" button for main server then drops back to desktop. Obviously somethings not right - so reinstall? Or is there something easier to do? Edit - NVM was nvidia issue. J
  3. The irony of the situation is not lost on us over here. Scrap the Harrier and then need it less than six months later... pure genius.
  4. 40 Commando - marching onward into 2011!!! Huzzah!
  5. Post out for dinner for my Dad's birthday - got steak belly bump!
  6. Two days without bumping, almost had withdrawal symptoms!
  7. Indeed! Shepherd's pie tonight! BUMP for 40!
  8. 'twas a fine Pizza BUMP, and this is a dandy Sunday night BUMP!