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  1. What no parachuting Dogs?
  2. I was asking the same question myself how in the heck with almost a 70% reduction in resupply rate can the Axis still be fielding all this gear. I was told it was due to the density of the Axis flags but that answer seemed not to reflect what I was observing in game. Heck maybe this was the reason for what I saw or maybe it was just a overpop issue or just the flat out sloppy play I saw in game by players and HC who knows but regardless last night I said to heck with it and hit the unsub button and deleted the game. I will come back again when things balance themselves out some hoping the RAT's get things corrected and the game becomes more balanced. Anyway good luck to the allied guys still fighting .
  3. Do not get me wrong man I believe you I was just pointing out the time spacing between kills. Even really skilled players do not fire that much it gives away your position vet or no vet on a new account. Plus a lot of the guys he is killing are pretty dang good themselves and for sure after a death or two would have located the source and pinned him down. So yeah I am not disagreeing with you at all.
  4. Got to say those time stamps are a little odd. Can not discount it being a Vet who played in the past just resubing under a new account.
  5. Well the sheep are a priority
  6. Hey Rats I got a small request can we get Leuvens AB to face towards the town. I am not asking you to move it someplace else but just flip it 180 degrees so the the defender is not so easily cut off . Heck the town is already super easy to contest with that sheep farm so far out of town that should be enough for a town that buffers a AF and a major city I think the least you can do is make it a bit easier to defend be that allied or Axis. It is super annoying Thanx.
  7. The 101st used to be a good deal larger but it has been a while since those days. When I log on I still see you guys doing a lot of the dirty work like blowing FB's.
  8. I am sorry but I just do not agree with you on this topic. It really has very little to do with winning or being defeated and to suggest that is unreasonable I feel. A consistent level of play should be expected for the long term health of the player base. That means that on average maps reach a avg. certain tier level and enough length to insure a good player base which is what you want so the air game is more fleshed out. I will also point out as before that RDP has been tweaked a lot over the years it is not unreasonable to ask the question that maybe it is not the correct game system to be used and maybe other new ideas should be considered. I do agree with Forrest on one thing town supply is going to change RDP again so why not take the opportunity to review and maybe try out a different method to address this issue. Just remember not all players do the air war for varied reasons but that still does not make there time any less important.
  9. Short answer yes. We did have some over pop times but most of the captures happened over a 24 hour stretch and with no cutoff of flags beyond naval flags being bumped. The supply issue made counter attacking in the south to cut the thin line almost impossible. I give HC credit though the did manage to move flags around enough so we did not get cutoff but beyond that we just had to guard FBs in the south and turtle hoping supply would build enough for us to counter. We did manage to attack up north a good bit due to the lack of AO's in that area the supply issues where not as pronounced .
  10. Just a shot in the dark but get back to the idea that supply is not tied to static points. Some have mentioned visual supplies trains etc... To be honest it has been years of them adjusting RDP to no avail. Maybe the system is the problem so admitting it and moving on with another method would be the proper coarse of action. I am sure the Hanger has more ideas on this it has been debated for years.
  11. Maybe but considering the make up of front line flags being able to cause 24/7 90% reduction in french supply is more than enough to disrupt game play. You know I do not mind RDP but when the effects cause maps to be resolved prior to tier 1 then you have a problem. As to why players do not do interceptor duty i guess you will have to ask the player base. I myself do not have the setup to fly with any degree of success (AKA-I am not good at it) so I do not waste the supply of planes for people who are proficient at it and enjoy air combat.
  12. I do not care what you think about LMGs I told you before. I see tons of them all the time why you do not I have no freking clue. But I will tell you what if you like we can spend the day guarding a depot and count how many we get shall we? Now back to the supply I saw the effects like I said but Mons has a post up in barracks about a reset of supply due to what he is seeing in the lists himself with regard to the upcoming OP. /Shrug believe what you want beyond that.
  13. I pulled this from our Flying Ace Forrest "It takes only 18 111s to wipe out a country's factories...then only 9 additional bombloads every 8 hours after that to keep maintenance up. " For that a majority of us who do not have the set up to fly at least not properly are in effect having our playing experience ruined. I like a good challenge and I got used to Over pop issues a long time ago but this is neither of those issues. Simply put due to this portion of the component we will be lucky to see tier 1 regardless of the fact that the supply issue makes it almost impossible to mount any serious come back even if we wanted to. All i am asking is you guys look at this portion and see if there is anyway we can make it less intrusive to the overall campaign i know you did it before with RDP affecting Tier advancement speed due to the Axis not getting to higher tiers. I know these guys do not like that I am asking about this but I really do not see how the current state of RDP can have any positive effects long haul.
  14. Amazing even after all these years we still have people playing the game who can't see the forest through the trees.