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  1. I love this idea I hope they do implement it
  2. I know there have been several threads about this topic but I thought I could possibly bring it back into the light. In this game we mainly fight at towns or fb's. Is there no way to fight in the rest of this huge map, and by that I mean all the open country in the map. As of right now the only time we fight in the country is when we are finding an fms. If you could make the forrests or open fields a capture point as in a very slow counter and whoever had the larger force was capturing you could really get the battles out of the towns.
  3. I watched it, I admit probably not the smartest thing Ive done but I did get some good kills during the sortie and the one before.
  4. I want to thank everyone for the advice and I will do my best to improve off of it. See you all on the Battlefield. That's funny!!!!!
  5. Thanks for the advice
  6. Learned that today
  7. Ok I get it. I am putting this argument to rest cause this made a lot of sense. Is the game perfect no will it ever be perfect no is it the closest to real life historically accurate events yes so My apologies to all I yelled at and see you on the Battlefield.
  8. Ok the reason I'm yelling is because I'm tired of this crap the axis cries like baby's till they get what they want. Allied doesn't say a thing. 372 kills, almost 2 months playing if you want people to stay set things back to being accurate. Yes both sides have strong points some have weak points but it should not be the Germans having the majority of the advantages and the Allied having one or two.
  9. ok if it is 1942 there should not be that many Tigers yet, yes the 88 is very powerful but a Churchill has quite a bit of armor so to kill every single crew member on the first shot without knowing the range is a bit fishy. So if it has more armor than a b1 but dies easier isn't that a problem? Ok first you play axis so you will never admit that your side is VERY overpowered. second why do you have more time on missions, BECAUSE WE DIE WITH THE FIRST SHOT FROM ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now to prove this I will bring up some examples. I dropped multiple HE shells on 2 different AT guns, neither one died. A tiger found me on shot tank dead. I am driving down a road get shot at by a PZ 4, I keep moving an shoot him in the side with an mg and AP rounds while moving, nothing happens. I stop my SHERMAN and the next shot from the PZ 4 kills everyone but the driver, the next shot did that. I shot a German with a sniper rifle within 2 feet of me, took TWO shots. How about the fact the MP 40 in game can shoot VERY far VERY accurately when its a machine PISTOL, GEE what weapon is similar the MAS 38 or 30 something cant remember at the moment. But this French machine PISTOL can barely kill someone within 50 meters and cant hit the broad side of a barn standing inside at 100. Also it has been brought to my attention that the German planes had a weakness. THEY COULD NOT TURN SHARP. yet I have been out maneuvered by every German plane possible and no matter how sharp the turn they always are right on my tail. EXPLAIN THAT. And lets put it this way if you say that I should report stuff like that or that doesn't happen well guess what YOUR A BUNCH OF LIARS AND DONT DESERVE TO BE RUNNING A GAME LIKE THIS CAUSE YOUR THE ONES RUINING IT BY NOT FIXING THE ISSUES YOU ALL HAVE CREATED BY TWEAKING THE GERMAN WEAPONS TO MAKE THEM BETTER THAN WHAT THEY WERE IN ACTUAL HISTORY.
  10. I don't mean to be a complainer but I have noticed some stuff that should definitely should NOT be in game. For example the Germans already have the Tiger tank, last I checked the only way they should have the tiger is if it is to be 1942 in game already, which I doubt. Now with the tiger tank, last I checked it could not one shot any tank it came across including heavy tanks. And if you don't want to make that historically accurate why don't you add the mechanical malfunctions which included tracks breaking for no reason or possibly just stopping because the engine is busted. Also it has been brought to my attention that tiger tanks would also light on fire due to the fuel system. Now if you want an example that these German tanks are overpowered how is it my Churchill tank had every single crew member killed from well over 300 meters not sure the exact distance. Now to make it even worse I had fired at least three times to get the range and had missed. This tank turned and on the first shot killed everyone. So I grab another and get killed before I leave the army base. So how is that possible in a heavy tank. I have used the B1 heavy and have taken multiple hits without dying or loosing a single crew member. The B1 was made BEFORE the Churchill meaning the Churchill should be stronger. NOT IN THIS GAME. All I have to say is FIX IT.
  11. I love this idea, it would make it some much more fun and challenging to take over a town. The only other thing I would like to see is the ability to enter every building in a city and not just a couple. Make all buildings accessible and make it a game of cat and mouse for the spawn CP would greatly increase game play and just make it so much more fun.
  12. I think that would be a great thing. It would help solve the problem with over population where you cant join a side because they are over populated. Just make them stay on one side and keep it that way for a set amount of time and get rid of keeping people from joining a side due to over population.
  13. Just one question, WHY NO AMERICANS IN INTERMISSION. Its not a big deal I just like the M1 Garand and BAR a lot better than any French weapon
  14. I take one day off and y'all win the war. I see how it is! Congrats Allies and one heck of a good fight Axis
  15. Field artillery would be a great add on to the game. It would help a lot with attacks and defense of towns