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  1. I have a big feeling Wing2 would bring A LOT of veterans back, not to mention hordes of new players. But you have to start somewhere, and whales help pave the way. Its gotta be something worth coming back to for many. I don't see why you would put down those who want to invest in the game that would inevitably make it better for you. I just got access back to my main account, thanks to CRS support. Last time I was on was 2006ish. Having lost access I created a couple other basic freeplay accounts to check in from time to time. I may not have played extensively for the past 11 years, but I have been paying attention, and always think fondly of my time in the beginning days. I played a solid 5-6 years before getting caught up in college/life. I know many others are in the same situation. If Wing2 really is in the foreseeable future, I think many other guys from the old days would jump in like I did. It ain't called kickstarter for nothing. Those who want to INVEST in the game, will. There's nothing wrong in creating ways for those who want to help fund the company. A small company can only do so much with limited capital. The changes you want, I'm sure get discussed in development meetings, and if they're not put as priority, there's probably a good reason. You don't last 17 years in this business by luck. I can create a list a mile long of things I want implemented, but without resources, it aint gon' happen.
  2. Shoot, I'd even dust off my Blender, Maya and 3DS skills to aid in anyway I could as an unpaid "intern". Like open-source work-share/ side hobby that aides in the development of a favorite past time. I re-upped under the builder program to do what I can for now. That 2018 roadmap email got my attention with Wing2. But I don't want to wait over 5 years for it :\ Patreon is a great idea, and maybe create a subscriber service akin to how Cloud Imperium Games rewards its backers; ie: monthly/weekly dev video updates, inside look at concept art, behind the scenes at CRS HQ, community run content highlighting the great aspects of existing gameplay(like warthunder's youtube channels).
  3. I'm looking to join. Been away for years. My old axis bros at JG 53 and JG 2 dont seem to be around anymore. You guys on Discord?
  4. Aww, my good ole' French Army brothers! Would be great to get Lafayette back together! How can I help?
  5. Wow, what an oldie but goodie. Any VFA-25 still around? Let's get the band back together. Calling all cars Apache52, Ogrenutz, Bushman, Frank25, Carson25, Mobious, KC, VanMeter, Waverip ..
  6. XOOM, Have you guys considered Kickstarting WWIIONLINE 2.0? I would pay good money to get a MASSIVELY multiplayer UE4 quality WWII Online Game! I've already dropped more money than I care to mention on Star Citizen. I would do again on WWIIOL.
  7. so much for micorsoft claiming windows can withstand 127 USB devices, or is it just my motherboard and hardware, eh but I have thouht about that splitter, too bad no one carries them in my area.
  8. No not on the carpet. I'll see what I can do about figuring out the ground. This completely sucks right now. I want to go in game and fly but there is no way to connect my Joystick and rudder ARG!!
  9. Everytime my computer gets a static shock from someone touching it all the USB devices disconnect. I have 6 USB ports of which only 2 work now. Or at least only 2 respond. When I try to connect in others they either don't respond or say unknown USB device, when the device recognizes just fine in other ports. I've tried to play with the BIOS USB settings, disconnecting the jumpers on the MB, my VIA's are uptodate, I have SP2, and I have all current drivers for all the USB devices themselves. It's a ASUS A7V8X-X Delux MB with a 2700+AMD Athlon. ANy ideas, suggestions?