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  1. What year did you start playing? 2004ish When was the last time you played? 2013 What squad were you in? BST - RIP - RIP UNDEES FO LYFE What side did you primarily play on? Axis What a musty old thread....
  2. MOST excellent! Thanks guys!
  3. Bump for fear of this getting lost in the pile....
  4. Thanx. Good to know.
  5. Title says it all - can't log in to the game b/c there are no servers listed on the login screen. Anyone know of a fix? PS. Running Windoze 7
  6. FYI, I have the same type 4pin mobo power connector, and even on a rather hi-end system I have never had any kind of problems with power. I was told as well that the 4 pin will work, and it has. It has also worked fine on other systems that I have built for myself and others. The thing that tips me off here is the fact that you don't notice any problems until you start taxing the computer, i.e creating heat. I am almost positive this issue is heat related. Try removing the panels on your case. Run the computer normally and evaluate. Then crank up a game and see how long it runs without the panels on. If I guess correctly, it will take a little bit longer for the thing to crash with more airflow, or it may not crash at all.
  7. I tried that, but I still get crappy performance with FRAPS. Growler Guncam FTW. They upgraded it alot with the latest version. Quality seems to be better. Performance is killer.
  8. This little board isn't too bad in terms of flexibility. It doesn't let you enter absolute values, but it has 4 or 5 settings for core voltage to choose from, as well as the RAM voltage. I haven't even bothered with trying to overclock anymore and I don't think I will b/c I'm afraid of farking up my system. And after DOC said he gets good frames with his "dinosaur" computer, I'm starting to think it's more the game than my machine.
  9. Map your mouse look x and y axis to your TrackIR by selecting them in the keymapper and then moving your head side to side for x, then up and down for y. It might take a few tries to get it right but that's how you do it. I will say that I have tried this and found it to be horribly inconvenient.
  10. This 3600 is a Manchester. I have read that they are kinda rare but good overclockers. My RAM is Kingston - dunno the status of that really in terms of value. The mobo is my suspect.
  11. So I have the AMD 64 X2 3600+ and I'm wondering about overclocking potential. I dabbled with it earlier and raised the clock from 200 to 210, which increased the overall speed from 1.9 to 2.1ghtz. When I tried 220, the system would not boot. Any suggestions? PS. I'm running XP with an ECS KV2 Lite Mobo, with this cooler on the cpu... http://www.antec.com/us/productDetails.php?ProdID=77099
  12. My card is the fastest AGP DX10 card on the market right now. While I'm still running XP, DX10 doesn't help me much there, or in WWIIOL. But, if it is a mid-range card, it's a higher-end one. As far as vertical sync, I have tried enabling and disabling it, with no difference. And in terms of the game engine, I'm not too sure about that. It seems to me that older engines(efficient or not) would run better on faster machines.
  13. I got really good frames on the beta server during the 1.28 beta. And I also get better FPS on the training server than I do on the live server. While benchmarking is something that I hoped would eventually come about, it really doesn't help people like me, who have a pretty decent system but still get poo FPS. AMD 64 X2 3600+ 2gb Kingston PC3200 RAM ATI HD2600XT 512MB DDR3 (AGP) ECS KV2 Lite Mobo Creative Soundblaster Audigy 17-22 FPS on the ground 40-60 in the air 35 at the location on the training server Sure, I know the processor is old. Sure, I know my RAM is slower than the hot stuff. And sure, I know my mobo is kinda quirky according to some reviews. But this system plays COD4, UT3, BF2, and a host of other more graphically intensive games with the settings on FULL BLAST with no problem. This is even with an older set of drivers for the ATI(the AGP version of that card has experienced numerous driver issues, thus I am using Catalyst 8.1). I have even played older games (Dark Age of Camelot, Neocron 2, and others) that render much like WWIIOL, and my system has no problems with those games either. So why not WWIIOL? Processor intensive you say? I used to have an AMD Sempron 3000 with an ATI x800 pro and only 1gig of RAM. My performance was pretty much the same on the ground. This processor is faster with a larger cache, and I have double the RAM now and a much better video card. So what is it? What about my system is holding me back? I love this game, as I'm sure many of you do, but sometimes playing isn't fun due to performance. In fact, pretty much every time I've ever unsubbed was due to performance. I just wish someone could tell me if it's my system, or just the game, so I can either wait around for the Golden Patch of MaxFPS, or get busy upgrading my hardware.
  14. Yah...you're bottleneck is your CPU. The chip I have is an early AMD dual core. It was a bundle package with an ECS KV2 Lite Mobo, the mobo being another factor in the performance difference. Upgrade your CPU and you should be good to go.
  15. They make a 512mb version of the HD2600XT. I have it, running 8.1 Catalyst drivers with no issues at all. Got mine new on eBay for 130USD. It's doesn't suck much power, which is good if you wanna keep your PSU. It's still GDDR3(they have a GDDR4 version as well) but it's DX10 compatible, which means a green light for Vista, should you ever decide to upgrade. I get MUCH more stable framerates and gameplay with this card in WWIIOL(80+ low pop, stable 28-32 high pop), BF2(now runs 4x AA 8x AF at 1280x1024 full quality with NO lag) and FEAR. Just a few examples, but I know we don't all just play WWIIOL. Wait...I retract the previous statement.... Oh please CRS, don't harm me..... /unzipfly