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  1. Upon checking diest, it has the same problem as Oost. Good luck :-)
  2. In Hoogstraten, The sandbags on the center encampment is up, and the logs stacked. They hay and the Barrels are as they should be.
  3. This is in Oostmalle, Hay, barrels, and sandbags all are up higher than they should be. Will crosscheck with other cities in a bit.
  4. Guys, i know the movie inception was cool and all, but i like my WWIIOL game realistic: Oostmalle 51.17.48N 4.44.31E (Eastern edge of town)
  5. Ive experienced this, usually an alt tab fixes it immediately.
  6. I don't see how you could be right, as every single screen shot that has been posted has been different for me. Rafters look amazing, while the people complaining, theirs look all dark and crappy. Personally i think everything is a bit bright now, but meh i can adjust it later if i feel like it.
  7. Update drivers. This screams outdated drivers.
  8. Note: I have had Several CTD's ( the insta one) upon despawning. Next time it happens i will post my log.
  9. Could you post a screen shot please>?
  10. I would say to take everything down just a little bit and it'll be good. Overcast Days aren't that gloomy, Night overcast is too bright Night is too bright. Personally, i think .44 was almost perfect, maybe just a little bright. I almost feel as if this is a step back. P.S. If you set it to rain, then go to 19:00, the darkness is perfect, unfortunately it gets lighter after that time.
  11. I saw this being rpoerted as fixed in either .45 or .46, but it is still an issue in the AF hangars.
  12. I think the consensus in the thread was that the new speedtrees would be fine if they looked better. The problem is you guys have the high detail set so close that 80% of the time we see the low LOD model. What i purposed is adding back in the slider, with the current settings you have, as the lowest setting.
  13. Silent Majority.
  14. When switching between Beta and live server the versions listed in playgate both display, one overwriting the other, making it look garbled.
  15. I definitely at least think that they should bring back a speed tree slider and radial clutter slider, with the minimum settings as what they currently are set to.