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  1. Thanks guys! I will update the doc for the move timers. Good catch GSC! ** updated **
  2. The linked document will introduce new players to some operational and strategic level of the game. How do the flags work on the map? What about supply? And how do the Axis and Allied High Commands assess the map to determine where to attack, what to defend, and how to position their flags/supply. Basic Map, Supply, and Flag Movement Mechanics
  3. Keep it .... easy to deal with, but does provide some level of defense (more notification than actual defense) ... It is helpful in an AB because in many, if not most cases, it must be taken down prior to being able to get in the bunker. This minimizes the amount of D you need at all times in an AB, as the act of taking down AI serves as an early warning system. And who likes to hump a bunker? With all the possible game improvements that would be desirable, we are talking about this??
  4. ya I am not a steam user and was getting that same thing ... discord users said to keep trying to get in ... I did and got in .... another user said that he just waited a few minutes at that screen and it cleared.
  5. Yes ... after a reboot the server comes up in stages. You may be able to get into that campaign but the persona's will be locked until the reboot is fully complete. That looks like what you might be experiencing right now. Normally its been pretty stable but I would expect there will be a few issues with the Steam Launch. Hang tight!
  6. Nice troll man ... we all sucked in ...
  7. My question is ... have you played the game at all? Judging by your sorties, it appears you have not played the game. Perhaps you should understand how the game plays prior to posting how it should be changed. In any event, I have no interest in this idea at all. It looks and sounds like the mechanics of a PVE style grinder. Go shoot a bunch of AI soldiers to move the front? Just why?
  8. There are some vids here that can help ... There is also quite a few on youtube if you search ... that said, perhaps the most efficient is to get on discord and hook up with a squad, or, ask for help on the help channel and someone will generally hook up with you. I didn't see a vid on factory mechanics. This is generally done by flying bombers to the factories and dropping bombs directly on the factory positions in the city. You could also drive a team to a factory in a truck with engineers and use satchels but this is a VERY lengthy process. You used to be able to do a pretty good job on them with mortar fire but I think that has been nerfed. Dunno, I did it once and that was enough. It is not very efficient.
  9. The problem is the AI or AT crew cannot adequately defend against infantry. I mean if an AT crew knows there is enemy near, they are not going to roll their gun around trying to engage. They are going to go to small arms. Similarly, an MG pit crew is not going to say 'sorry, I can only fire into this 120 degree arc' when there is infantry approaching from their rear. So given the limitations of AI and AT I don't think you want that. The positions are already pretty easy to kill. The increased difficulty in killing those positions represents an intrinsic capability to defend that is not otherwise modeled in the game.
  10. Paradrops were planned in infinite detail. There were substantial limits on how far a drop could reasonably be from the front line. And most importantly there was a plan and time frame for connecting the drop with the front line. What your talking about is some guy deciding he wants to go to X and everyone needs to follow to make it successful. As others have said, its not realistic, its not historically accurate, and its no fun for anyone other than the annoying guy doing it. Even with that said, I cannot even conceive of how it would be fun for the individual who apparently wants to play a team based mutliplayer combat game by himself using mechanisms that that allow him to do capture positions without combat?
  11. As a software implementer and trainer, the best approach is to have multiple and continual avenues of training available. No manual will get it done, no class prior to go time will get it done, no online training system will get it done, and neither will dependency on experienced workers who have work to do. So Jester is spot on and you certainly cannot fully rely on your workers to get the training done. But that said, using all the various methods possible will achieve the best results. And here I think if the experienced players can step up a bit if they see someone struggling or some other opportunity to impart some wisdom it will certainly improve retention.
  12. Learning how to defeat AI is just another thing like learning to deploy your LMG, or learning how to move, how cover works, learning how to throw a grenade properly to defeat it, how to use your map to see where the AI is etc... Take your time and practice and feel good when you have mastered it. The game is certainly not easy mode, but when it comes to AI, its pretty darn easy.
  13. This is inaccurate. The only restriction is what towns are currently active for attacks and defends. So it is only the where that is controlled. You and your friends decide what you want to do and how you want to contribute. You want smaller battles? You and your team can take or defend a forward base. These are smaller battles but absolutely critical in support of the main attack or defend. Wanna be a recognized hero. Have your fab five take down a forward base that is supplying and enemy attack.
  14. The High Commands are always looking for small groups to setup attacks. So if you and your friends have a plan and would like to get an attack going, generally the HC would be happy to oblige and give you an AO, unless there is an active plan in place and in process. The other thing to understand is that though there are something like 250 towns, the towns are linked which determines where brigade flags can move and how supplies flow. The importance and priorities for taking towns is determined by a number of things which are beyond the scope of this post. Further, the implications of taking a town and moving a brigade flag with supply into that town means that flag and supply is now committed to that area. Did we leave ourselves weak? Did we stretch our lines to thin? Anyway, there are many other mechanics in play here beyond attack objectives that determine where attacks can or should happen.
  15. I think generalizing Steam players as twitch gamers is a quite a stretch. There are a considerable number of people that enjoy games that are more strategic and demand a higher level of teamwork. Consider the recent alpha release of FoxHole. Its got like 2700 reviews and I suspect has probably sold around 8000+ copies. Its not a twitch WWII game, doesn't have great graphics to speak of, and the combat is a third person RTS style affair. So there is a market for something beyond Battlefield, COD, Gears of War, etc.... That said, COD and Battlefield players looking for that type of a game on a bigger map may not have the fortitude to get past the initial layer of the onion. And that's OK methinks. Even if you could retain 10% of those that try it out, it would be a big win. I think its about expectations ... even if you could add 500 regular players it would be huge. And I think that is realistic.