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  1. Congrats buddy! Your positive attitude regardless of the circumstances is inspiring!
  2. One would have to wonder why any player, new or not, would throw a smoke grenade on your ATG position. Unless as Dale postulates, they think they are force fields. That said, without question there are accounts logged in to the 'other' side that are doing things to support that support the other side. I must say that personally I have not seen too much of this going on though. If you do see someone that is repeatedly performing actions in support of the other side, like throwing smoke on your position, nerfing supply such as spawning and blowing themselves up repeatedly, etc... you can .report them. You can't really stop these shenanigans from happening and I also believe we have to exercise some patience with the new players. This is especially true when you are trying to run a coordinated op like taking down an FB. The other day we had a group working on one and a new player spawned in, ran directly to the FB firing his weapon. Sigh ... Anyway, thats my plug for getting squad only missions back in here. Or at least adding an option to turn off spawning on an FMS without taking it down.
  3. Congrats to the Axis fighters and commanders!
  4. Hoot! Blownup. Man I was going to give you call to see if you wanted to give it a go with the Steam release! You cannot link a Steam account to an old non-steam account currently. You would just have to DL the game normally.
  5. This is a reason to get rid of TOES because guys want a couple days break? How ridiculous. BTW the people that run the system are not asking to get rid of it. Rather, give us a couple a tools to make it easier. Actually with fairly minor engineering, the Titanic would not have sank .....
  6. Priceless! Nice job!
  7. Up and Comming! Well done sir!
  8. Ya you just want a dot in the center of your screen. You will know the center of your screen by simply 'aiming' a weapon and putting a mark on sight tip. Or you can use colored sticky paper as well. But a bright dry erase is probably best.
  9. There is no damage soak in this game like other FPS. You hit a guy in the back with .303 from an Enfield, he is going down. No need to aim for headshots. Wounds only occur in the arms, legs, or perhaps a graze.
  10. Close range autos are generally hip firing when assaulting. Some use a 'Doom Sight' when hip firing. You always fire to the exact center of you screen. So some will put a dot or other indicator in the exact center of the screen to help with hip firing target. I generally aim with a rifle if not close range. The other thing you will see is guys drop to prone and fire. One other thing to remember is that if the enemy is moving you will need a touch of a lead, the amount of lead depends on the distance. The games physics take this into account. While I do generally suck at infantry, I would say that the use of the weapons tend to be more of a 'feel' thing ... that is, they just take practice. When I watch vids of good riflemen they will aim but you will note that generally they are already bringing up the weapon in the proper position for the shot instead of bringing up the weapon and then moving it around to aim .. again practice practice.
  11. Combat Engineer Ribbon A combat engineer, or sapper, is a soldier who performs a variety of construction and demolition tasks under combat conditions. This award is presented to those Allied combat engineers who brave enemy fire to repair defensive AI positions, blow bridges and destroy enemy forward bases. SHASTA18 Many times critical operations are needed in areas other than active primary attacks and defenses. Destroying infrastructure which improves our ability to defend, or limits enemy attack potential, helps to preserve our teams overall momentum. On the morning of 9/22/2017 Shasta18 was observed spearheading missions to destroy key bridges, thereby limiting the enemies ability to conduct attack operations along our front line in the center south sectors. Well done sir and your efforts are noticed and appreciated! I am pleased to award the Combat Engineer Ribbon for your serivces! Cosian General de Brigade, 4e GRD 104e Régiment Anti-Tank Command
  12. Thanks guys! I will update the doc for the move timers. Good catch GSC! ** updated **