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  1. Recruiters have to enable their recruitment flag as well. Recruiters with enabled recruiting flags will be shown with a star next to their name on the squad tab. bb
  2. Not sure what your point is, Kapyong, as we are an Axis squad. We have been playing Allied for two campaigns in the past years. In regards to our policy to greentags: We have hundreds of new players recruited and our policy is to let them roam and let them gather their own expierience within their first 7 days (when autokick sets in when not promoted to member), be it Axis or Allied. They are heavily included on squad channel and Discord (if they even get so far) but only like 5-10 % do even reply. I do think that it is very normal for a new player to try out as much as possible, including the other side, before deciding to stick around. Yes, we could kick a greentag if we see him/her playing Allied on the squad tab within their 7 days. But the player wouldn't even understand what just happened so my policy is to let them roam. And btw. its exactly what the game does not need right now, treating greentags as cheaters because you do not know any better. If on the other hand you experience misconduct by a non greentag or even a senior member, let me know and I personally will deal with it Thanks! bb
  3. You always make it look so easy, Mo! National holiday tomorrow over here in Germany so I guess you once again will have tricked me into spawning bofors after watching one of your videos...just to realize one min later...gah nope...can't hit shit bb
  4. This is really an honour, Slpkfor! We will wear it with pride! (once Hastien updated all signatures ) Most kudos most likely goes to @majes99, who's the communication guru in the squad. I'm not sure how he's doing it but he's pming with 10 guys at once and is talking on discord and killing in game at the same time! Thanks as well to the Spanish speaking people in our squad who still have a good relationship with you guys! Last but not least, we are happy to join your anniversary party in November or/and crush the battlefield together afterwards. Thanks again! This is very much appreciated! bb
  5. Sorry that you had to wait even longer. I just created a new category and a new audio and text channel on the axis server. heavy265 still has to adjust permissions but you should be good to go for now and at least can use Discord with your squad for now. @HEAVY265 please adjust permissions. bb
  6. Sorry that you had to wait so long. I just created a new category and a new audio and text channel on the axis server. heavy265 still has to adjust permissions but you should be good to go for now. @HEAVY265 please adjust permissions. bb
  7. @HEAVY265 bb
  8. @HEAVY265 bb
  9. I just bumped an older thread: bb
  10. Sollte in Kürze der Fall sein. Man will nur noch den einen Bug mit der Auflösung beheben, bevor es weitergeht. bb
  11. Moin Micha! Wie hier schon erwähnt, dürfte die PLD die beste Anlaufstelle sein. Wir werden sicherlich wieder mehr Deutsche Spieler sehen, wenn der Euro release auf steam abgeschlossen ist. Wenn Du Hilfe oder Unterstützung benötigst, kannst du mich gerne in game ansprechen, hier im Forum pm'n oder auch eine Mail schicken ( bb
  12. Yep, you can pm me here, mail me ( or pm me on discord. bb
  13. Good to hear and very well said, Slpkfor! In the meantime we (whips) have heard back from Syd but not from @abe250 yet. He hopefully was playing Poker somewhere bb
  14. RIP bb