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  1. Thanks, forwarded the information bb
  2. Can you list those providers? So far I only know about German providers which do have us blacklisted (gmx, I'll report them up so they can check if it is the same case with the proviers you were chosing bb
  3. Viggen, The reserve SMGs were supposed to be used by the Starter accounts. Ohm just found a fixed the bug to make it happen bb
  4. This is definitely one of the teams which are working behind the scenes and therefore B2K is right in saying, it is not very glamerous. But you have a unique chance to see your volunteer work going live, which can be quite satisfying even though you and the team are the only ones to know what you just have accomplished. The team contains currently 10 translators, volunteering players out of this great community, but not all languages have been covered yet and obviously we are looking to have multiple translators for each language to reduce the personal translation load. So yes, I'm bumping this Auch die Deutschen Spieler, welche sicher in der englischen Kommunikation sind, sind gerne gefragt, bei den Übersetzungen freiwillig zu unterstützen. Hier gibt es immer etwas zu tun und aktuell haben wir hier nur einen Übersetzer (mich). Von daher würde es mich freuen, den Ein oder Anderen im Team der Übersetzer begrüßen zu dürfen. bb
  5. We see it in a context, Kapyong. Those who scream out loud "Heil Hitler" of course will receive a notification about their TOS violation. As for the other question in regards to the buzzard, its our lil birdie we use to observe bb
  6. Thanks guys! The GMs appreciate your feedback bb
  7. You will be set to afk automatically after 5 minutes if there's no keyboard/mouse input. Your status will be set back once you have a keyboard or mouse input. You can set yourself afk as well with .afk and .afk <text>. If you do so, you manually have to type .afk again to be not shown as afk. Afk players are being shown in brackets when you for example type .who to check which squad mates are online or .hcl to check for online high command. bb
  8. Hah, I like that! We should consider issueing Italian codenames to the GMs @hauptEven though it was very funny, Merlin kinda nailed it. We do not issue bans because someone says so. We issue bans based on facts and evidence we gathered. As mentioned this can take minutes or even months. Many times we as well come up empty handed following a .report as there is just nothing to follow up on. Sometimes players will not accept that as they still will argue their case. Thanks for the overall positive feedback! It is going to be refreshing for the GMs to see bb
  9. In the past decade the GM corps has been mentioned in a newsletter once or twice. Yet the information given always was very superficial. Well, this will not change today, as there is a reason why the GM corps operates "in the dark", but I will be a little bit forthcoming in regards to some stats. The reason for that is that I've seen comments like "nothing is being done anyway" and additionaly to that I've noticed a raise in aggression towards the GM corps by a handful of players which reached harassment level. For those who do not know what the GM corps is, let me have a quick explanation. The GMs, or Game Moderators, enforce the Terms of Services [the stuff you always have to agree to whenever you log in] in game similar to what the forums mods do on the forums. We are not limited to abusive language though. We as well monitor in game behaviour, exploits, cheats and hacks - in general: With our daily work we try to provide a fair play experience and environment to every single player. Yes, I guess "work" is the right word for what we do. The GM corps consists of volunteers only. The players are handpicked. I would not say that the GM corps is an elitist circle but yes, those are very experienced and especially objective players. These are sometimes not that easy to find, in a game where you are either Axis or Allied. Instead of playing like any other player, the GM will sacrifice his/her playing time to observe or/and to follow up on .reports. Unlike in other games members of the GM corps are anonymous. This is for the simple reasons to enable them to "do their job" without continious interruption and to protect them from harassment. Unfortunately harassment can be a big thing in this game. Even though we have such an adult audience [the age average is probably way above 30] we really have to face harassment issues every now and then. I have been subject to harassment myself and still am being accused of cheating occassionally. In no way we want our GMs to undergo the same harassment, which is the reason why they are anonymous and always will be. One more thing before I want to close at least the harassment talk. As mentioned in the beginning, there's a noticeable raise in aggression in the .reports. Sometimes it is insanely abusive language directed at the GM corps or CRS staff. People do need to understand that .report is no trash can. There are ordinary people behind it and for them .report is a work tool. But having to read stuff like that is just nuts. I'd give you an example but the forums would censor 99% of it. And it is no longer tolerated! Those who do it already received warnings for it. Those who repeatidly do it will at some point face a vacation. We are grown up human beings and you can talk to us like a grown up. For those who say "Nothing is being done anyway", I beg to differ. Here's an excerpt of the past 6 months (Jan - Jun 2017). In the past 6 months we have issued 187 bans 193 kicks 384 warnings 1878 tracked buzzard sorties Bans can involve minutes, hours, days or even months of work of multiple GMs. In general we document our work very well, which is needed in a 24/7 environment. This though is all classified and not for the public. Having seen the GMs at work and having the stats at hand as well, I can say that the GM corps is doing an incredibly good job! And I have the confidence to say that we are on top of things as well! We get them all, sooner or later! Here are some more myths which need some busting: GMs do not have the ability to autodespawn someone spawn someone without ammo set/adjust spawndelay to the server or even single players kill someone change ownerships of CPs, towns or FBs adjust supply ... As this is a shoutout to the hard working team behind the GM corps, I want to give the players of course as well the opportunity to give some feedback and to maybe thank the team for their work. There still are going to be critics but they are of course welcome, too. Just keep it civil. And yes, we are looking to extend the team. If we haven't approached you yet and you consider to apply, drop us an email to and tell us why you would be the perfect match. Please include your game name. Many thanks to the team for your patience, dedication, endless hours on duty, endurance and accuracy! Keep up the good work! And all other players, I only can encourage you to use the in game .report function. We cannot help you if you do not use .report. bb
  10. Not sure to what you are referring to, so I will pick up both scenarios: GMs do not "autodespawn" anyone. We do kick you off the server [if we have a reason for doing so] and believe me, you will notice that. I haven't heard about the "autodespawn" phenomen in a while but when it occured in the past it was caused by a bad connection (high ping). You were asked earlier today to despawn as you were violating the Terms of Services. If you were unhappy about that then follow the TOS in the future and it won't happen again. But then again, you have not been autodespawned or kicked by a GM. bb
  11. Interesting that you bring that up. Just to double check: It might be confusing for new players having the option to chose between the live and training server when launching the game, especially if launching the live game still being confronted by the "training"? Just wondering if that's the case, as I think you got a point there. In regards to the training you did, it's a basic training trying to prepare you for the game as we think the WW2OL has quite a steep learning curve. So some aspects of the game are being handled in there to make it easier and not to get lost that fast after entering the battlefield. You can interrupt the training with typing ".graduate true". You always can return to the training if you want to continue. Thanks for your feedback! Keep on posting feedback if you don't mind. Always good to read the experience of new players bb
  12. Happy birthday WW2OL! bb
  13. While I don't know the exact answer as this most likely goes back to 2001, I'd go for the most obvious which is to easily distinguish between player and CRS employee / affiliate / volunteer. bb
  14. I think the minimum characters for search are 3. Anyway, this must have been the main 4k thread at least from what I've seen in the past weeks bb
  15. That indeed sounds interesting. bb