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  1. Updated all since last update done by Rotschild. Given leadership roles: @sydst Kamfgruppe Phalanx (Infantry GRP2) XO @shagher Kamfgruppe Phalanx (Infantry GRP2) CO @stoney12 Kampfgruppe Germany (Special Operations) XO bb
  2. Sollte in Kürze der Fall sein. Man will nur noch den einen Bug mit der Auflösung beheben, bevor es weitergeht. bb
  3. Moin Micha! Wie hier schon erwähnt, dürfte die PLD die beste Anlaufstelle sein. Wir werden sicherlich wieder mehr Deutsche Spieler sehen, wenn der Euro release auf steam abgeschlossen ist. Wenn Du Hilfe oder Unterstützung benötigst, kannst du mich gerne in game ansprechen, hier im Forum pm'n oder auch eine Mail schicken ( bb
  4. Yep, you can pm me here, mail me ( or pm me on discord. bb
  5. Good to hear and very well said, Slpkfor! In the meantime we (whips) have heard back from Syd but not from @abe250 yet. He hopefully was playing Poker somewhere bb
  6. RIP bb
  7. Yes, for iOS and Android as far as I remember. Check your app store bb
  8. something for @HEAVY265 bb
  9. I had good times and bad times with Sal. Regardless of that he always had the game's best interest at heart! He was very passionate about it. I hope he found his peace! RIP Sal bb
  10. Thanks, reported it to HQ bb
  11. Thanks, forwarded the information bb
  12. Can you list those providers? So far I only know about German providers which do have us blacklisted (gmx, I'll report them up so they can check if it is the same case with the proviers you were chosing bb
  13. Viggen, The reserve SMGs were supposed to be used by the Starter accounts. Ohm just found a fixed the bug to make it happen bb