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  1. Currently both channels are there. I adjusted your permissions as well bb
  2. It's created. Enjoy bb
  3. From what I've seen last weekend, the move to Discord was a pure success. Until late EU hours I've seen roughly 140-180 people online on discord. It doesn't necessarily mean they as well were playing at the same time but this is potentially 100 users and more than you could address on teamspeak at the same time. Yesterday, by accident - when working permissions, I noticed that there were over 300 user accounts on the allied server alone already. I even saw chatter, that guys returned the last weekend after they noted that we moved to Discord. It was the only reason for them to check in. There was one guy who stated that he hasn't been playing in 12 years! And this is the benefit which I see as most important especially as squad CO - stay in touch with your squad mates. Discord makes it really easy. Will it take time to get used to it? No doubts! Will it take time to fully explore Discord's potential? Definitely! You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Yet we should open up to innovation if we do not want to fall behind. And we have fallen behind already witch such a nieche game. Time to open up! bb
  4. RIP Sevenedg, bb
  5. For those who haven't used discord before, I recommend to download the app first before following the invitation link ( I had some errors trying to follow the invitation links without the actual app. In your case it looks like you had it already pre-installed. bb
  6. Did you click the activation link in your email? Maybe thats the reason it is not being stored, dunno bb
  7. you dont sun. Install the app, click on the invitation link. The server will be loaded in your app automatically. once you relaunched the app the server will be in there again. bb
  8. Those are the instructions I put up on our squad forums: 1) download the pc client (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux): 2) launch the downloaded file and register with ww2ol username, your preferred email and password 3) go to ... teamspeak/ and follow the invitation links 4) the client will load the server automatically 5) check your email and click the activation link So far everyone who tried it was able to connect. bb
  9. No, credit card only. If you wish to contribute via paypal please shoot xoom an email bb
  10. I'll move your request up the chain bb
  11. Hmm I just checked Irba, as I have paid via Paypal in the past on Indiegogo. But there are some recent changes which makes it credit card only: That's pretty unfortunate for Euro players :/ bb
  12. Nice, GJ 250H! bb
  13. Great vid Syd, very well done! bb
  14. bb