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  1. I'm a computer illiterate... Scratches head
  2. Excellent Job
  3. 3rd Panzer Gruppe still active from the first few months games was launched Few old names still around
  4. When we rolling in to England next.
  5. No québécois,
  6. did you get the kill in stats? or just good timing from an other shot from a bigger round
  7. Put in a ticket
  8. Tried to log into training, screen says in bright red my subscription is locked. I've paid in to a builder subscription.
  9. I hope to be set up and running with no issues for this event.
  10. good to see McDeath form 3PzG
  11. was good read, thanks
  12. Seems like a good idea, I can't wait to get in game and check out this function. One issues I seems to have, is when I click on a squads link in the recruiting form, its always broken.