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  1. I got in touch with this old soldier, and he said his research says he can multi in bombers with me on a free account. Now I need to find a good squad for us. Can anyone recommend one? And what voice comm do the squads use these days waiting for the in game version, ventrilo?
  2. I know a guy I used to play this game with all the time back in the day. I lived on the west coast, and he lived on the east. We were a kick-[censored] bomber crew. I flew, and he manned the gun and bombsight. He was a transplated Brit, so we were on the same schedule with me working late delivering pizza. I facebooked him after years, telling him I'm getting back into the game, and he said he would like to also. He said he had the gear, but he was tight on funds, and asked if he could multi-crew with me on a free-to-play account. Can he? If not, what is the minimum subscription to do this? I'll pay-pal it if I have to.
  3. The old training server had features that I don't think are in a live server. They had target ranges and stuff like that. It still works, though. I'm just glad I could start programming my joystick and throttle on it.
  4. I checked it out with infantry, and it's the same. It's like a campaign. No targets or stuff that I used to see in the old training server. Better than nothing, though.
  5. I was having the same problem, now I can get vehicles. It doesn't look like the training server I remembered. It's more like a campaign that has no one in it.
  6. Yeah, that's what I thought. Now if I could only spawn vehicles in the training server to test out my programming. I submitted a ticket about it yesterday.
  7. Thank you. I run other games through Steam, but this one through an old time premium account.
  8. It's been a few years, but I thought I remembered how to program Saitek joysticks (and throttles) in this game. Long story short; everything programs but the pinky switch. I used that as my secondary weapon in wwiionline planes back in the day. bombs when in bombers, and cannons when in fighters that had them. It won't register like the other stick buttons when I go through the exact procedures.
  9. Thanks, PP. I still don't completely understand the difference with Steam wwii online. Is it ok to spawn using Steam, or do I have to buy the game through them? No problem if I have to, I just want to not mess things up any further. The training server not letting me spawn anything is a mystery to me.
  10. I checked several times. I couldn't spawn anything on the training server. PittPete activated my old account and deleted my new ones. Fixed the campaign server, but training is still all red to my account. Which is real odd, because even a free to play account can practice with some weapons, I thought.
  11. It seems things are still buggy, guys. I tried to access the training server, and I got in, but all units were red and unavailable. Said my subscription wasn't enough to access, which is strange, because a free to play would let you practice with some stuff. I was able to fly in the British AF. Sort of. I tried to check my joystick programming in the campaign. I crashed one bomber before I fixed several axis of my stick and throttle from being backwards. So, I figured I'd wait for my account to be fixed and play infantry. I was suppose to have a premium subscription, but I couldn't access many of the weapons. If I need to just go get a subscription, just let me know.
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. I'll wait patiently.
  13. Well, I got an email saying they had found my old account, and asking if I wanted it activated. Said I'd get two months free for my troubles. I answered back and said yes, do that. This was a couple days ago, and still my old account is not activated. I hope it's gotten to today.
  14. OK, I submitted without signing in. Sorry, didn't know I could do that.
  15. I tried to log in and it said my email or password was wrong. I tried it a couple of times to no avail. I tried the forgot my password link and put in my current email. I know it's a registered email as I still have the signing up emails from playnet CRS, but no response.